The SimConnect_AddFacilityDataDefinitionFilter function is used add a filter on a node in the FacilityDataDefinition to block sending data according to this filter, thus reduce the amount of data received and limit it to only that which is required. 


HRESULT SimConnect_AddFacilityDataDefinitionFilter(
    HANDLE hSimConnect,
    const char * szFilterPath,
    DWORD cbFilterDataSize,
    void * pFilterData


Parameter Description Type
hSimConnect Handle to a SimConnect object. Integer
DefineID Specifies the ID of the client defined data definition. Integer
szFilterPath Defines the node and member that you wish to apply the filter to. Integer
cbFilterDataSize The size of the pFilterData. Integer
pFilterData Filter data as bytes (will be cast to the right type later). Pointer


Return Values

The function returns an HRESULT. Possible values include, but are not limited to, those in the following table.

Return value Description
S_OK The function succeeded.
E_FAIL The function failed.


This function might throw the following exceptions:

  • SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_UNRECOGNIZED_ID (offset == 1)  - if the DefineID is not recognized
  • SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_UNRECOGNIZED_ID (offset == 2) - if the DefineID is valid but refers to another facility data definition type (Airport, Waypoint, Vor…)
  • SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_DATA_ERROR (offset == 2)  - if the given path is incorrect



Please see SimConnect_AddToFacilityDefinition for a list of all the possible nodes that can be filtered.



This first example applies a filter on the member PRIMARY_NUMBER of the runway found in AIRPORT (id = FACILITY_DATA_DEF_AIRPORT). PRIMARY_NUMBER is a SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE_INT32 variable, so pFilterData must be an INT32 variable too:

unsigned var = 27;
SimConnect_AddFacilityDataDefinitionFilter(hSimConnect, FACILITY_DATA_DEF_AIRPORT, "AIRPORT:RUNWAY:PRIMARY_NUMBER", sizeof(unsigned), &var);


The following example applies a filter on the member SECONDARY_ILS_ICAO of the runway contained in AIRPORT (id = FACILITY_DATA_DEF_AIRPORT). SECONDARY_ILS_ICAO is a SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE_STRING8 variable, so pFilterData must be a char[8] variable too:

char icao[8] = "ToT1";
SimConnect_AddFacilityDataDefinitionFilter(hSimConnect, FACILITY_DATA_DEF_AIRPORT, "AIRPORT:RUNWAY:SECONDARY_ILS_ICAO", sizeof(icao), &icao);


This final example applies a filter on the member LATITUDE of the runway contained in AIRPORT (id = FACILITY_DATA_DEF_AIRPORT. Note that this is potentially dangerous because of double/float approximation, but it can work:

double d = 123.456;
SimConnect_AddFacilityDataDefinitionFilter(hSimConnect, FACILITY_DATA_DEF_AIRPORT, "AIRPORT:RUNWAY:LATITUDE", sizeof(double), &d);


Finally, this example shows how you can remove a specific filter by giving a nullptr value. It removes the filter on the PRIMARY_NUMBER member:

SimConnect_AddFacilityDataDefinitionFilter(hSimConnect, FACILITY_DATA_DEF_AIRPORT, "AIRPORT:RUNWAY:PRIMARY_NUMBER", 0, nullptr);


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