The SimConnect_RequestJetwayData function is used to request data from one or more jetways.


HRESULT SimConnect_RequestJetwayData(
    HANDLE hSimConnect,
    const char* szAirportIcao,
    DWORD dwArrayCount,
    int* pIndexes


Parameter Description Type
hSimConnect Handle to a SimConnect object. Integer
szAirportIcao The airport ICAO to check. Integer
dwArrayCount This is the number of elements in pIndexes. Can be 0. Integer
pIndexes An array of parking indices. Can be nullptr. Integer


Return Values

The function returns an HRESULT. Possible values include, but are not limited to, those in the following table.

Return value Description
S_OK The function succeeded.
E_FAIL The function failed.

The function has thrown an exception where:

  1. dwIndex = 1:
    1. ICAO is wrong
    2. Airport is not spawned
  2. dwIndex = 2:
    1. At least one of the given indices is wrong
  3. dwIndex = 99:
    1. Internal error



If the Request works, the client will receive the SIMCONNECT_RECV_JETWAY_DATA structure with an array of SIMCONNECT_JETWAY_DATA structs containing the jetway data.


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