The SIMCONNECT_DATA_FACILITY_VOR structure is used to return information on a single VOR station in the facilities cache.


    DWORD  Flags;
    float  fLocalizer;
    double  GlideLat;
    double  GlideLon;
    double  GlideAlt;
    float  fGlideSlopeAngle;


Member Description

Flags indicating whether the other fields are valid or not.

  • SIMCONNECT_RECV_ID_VOR_LIST_HAS_NAV_SIGNAL(0x1): Set if the station has a NAV transmitter, and if so, GlideLat, GlideLon and GlideAlt contain valid data.
  • SIMCONNECT_RECV_ID_VOR_LIST_HAS_LOCALIZER(0x2): Set if the station transmits an ILS localizer angle, and if so fLocalizer contains valid data.
  • SIMCONNECT_RECV_ID_VOR_LIST_HAS_GLIDE_SLOPE(0x4): Set if the station transmits an ILS approach angle, and if so fGlideSlopeAngle contains valid data.
  • SIMCONNECT_RECV_ID_VOR_LIST_HAS_DME(0x8): Set if the station t transmits a DME signal, and if so the inherited DME fFrequency contains valid data.
fLocalizer The ILS localizer angle in degrees.
GlideLat The latitude of the glide slope transmitter in degrees.
GlideLon The longitude of the glide slope transmitter in degrees.
GlideAlt The altitude of the glide slope transmitter in degrees.
fGlideSlopeAngle The ILS approach angle in degrees.



This structure is returned as one element in the SIMCONNECT_RECV_VOR_LIST structure. It inherits all the members from SIMCONNECT_DATA_FACILITY_NDB.


See the remarks for SimConnect_RequestFacilitesList.


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