The SIMCONNECT_DATA_INITPOSITION structure is used to initialize the position of the user aircraft, AI controlled aircraft, or other simulation object.


    double  Latitude;
    double  Longitude;
    double  Altitude;
    double  Pitch;
    double  Bank;
    double  Heading;
    DWORD  OnGround;
    DWORD  Airspeed;


Member Description
Latitude Latitude in degrees.
Longitude Longitude in degrees.
Altitude Altitude in feet.
Pitch Pitch in degrees.
Bank Bank in degrees.
Heading Heading in degrees.
OnGround Set this to 1 to place the object on the ground, or 0 if the object is to be airborne.

The airspeed in knots, or one of the following special values:

  • INITPOSITION_AIRSPEED_CRUISE (-1): The aircraft's design cruising speed.
  • INITPOSITION_AIRSPEED_KEEP (-2): Maintain the current airspeed.



The primary use of this structure is to initialize the positioning of the user aircraft, because it also optimizes some of the terrain systems and other Microsoft Flight Simulator systems. Simply setting parameters such as latitude, longitude and altitude does not perform this kind of optimization. This structure should not be used to incrementally move the user aircraft (as this will unnecessarily initiate the reloading of scenery), in this case change the latitude, longitude, altitude and other parameters of the aircraft appropriately (using the variables described in the Simulation Variables document).


This structure can be used to incrementally move or reposition an AI controlled aircraft, or any other aircraft not controlled by the user, as the terrain system optimizations are not performed in this case.


This structure is used by the functions: SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft, SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject and SimConnect_AddToDataDefinition.


This structure can only be used to set data, it cannot be used as part of a data request.



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