The SIMCONNECT_DATA_MARKERSTATE structure is used to help graphically link flight model data with the graphics model.


    char  szMarkerName[64];
    DWORD  dwMarkerState;


Member Description

Null-terminated string containing the marker name. One from the following list:

  • Cg
  • ModelCenter
  • Wheel
  • Skid
  • Ski
  • Float
  • Scrape
  • Engine
  • Prop
  • Eyepoint
  • LongScale
  • LatScale
  • VertScale
  • AeroCenter
  • WingApex
  • RefChord
  • Datum
  • WingTip
  • FuelTank
  • Forces
dwMarkerState Double word containing the marker state, set to 1 for on and 0 for off.



The SimConnect_AddToDataDefinition call can be used to add a SIMCONNECT_DATA_MARKERSTATE structure to a data definition. Use of this call and structure is to help determine that points specified in the flight model of an aircraft match the graphics model for that aircraft, by turning on the specified marker lights. A SimConnect client created to do this becomes a tool to aid to the accurate development of aircraft models, rather than an add-on that an end user might run.


This structure can only be used as input, it cannot be used as part of a data request.


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