The SIMCONNECT_RECV_GET_INPUT_EVENT structure is used to return the value of a specific input event.


    DWORD   RequestID;
    PVOID   Value;


Member Description
RequestID Specifies the client defined request ID.
Type One member of the SIMCONNECT_INPUT_EVENT_TYPE enumeration type. This is used to cast the Value to the correct type.
Value The value of the requested input event, which should be cast to the correct format (float / string).



This struct will be the response to a call to SimConnect_GetInputEvent. The value stored in this struct must be cast on the client side in the correct format (as a float or a string, only).

NOTE: In C#, Value is an object array containing one uint value. This value must be converted to a byte array before being converted to the correct type.

If it is a string, it can have a maximum length of only 32 characters (including \0). Note that if the unit is different to the expected in-simulation unit, it must be converted to the appropriate unit on the clients side.



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