The fsCommBusCall function is used to call an event registered in a WASM or JS module..


bool fsCommBusCall(
    const char* eventName,
    const char* buf,
    unsigned int bufSize,
    FsCommBusBroadcastFlags broadcastTo = FsCommBusBroadcast_Default


Parameters Description
eventName The name of the event to call.
buf A buffer that will be sent with the callback.
bufSize Size of the buffer that is being sent with the callback.

The flags that determined which module (JS/WASM) the event is to be broadcast to. You can find more details here: FsCommBusBroadcastFlags

The default value is FsCommBusBroadcast_Default.

Return Values

The function returns False if something has gone wrong, otherwise it returns True.



This function will post a message on a bus which will call registered functions. This part will be delayed and is not synchronous with the WASM module. This is why you cannot have a return value to know if a message has been delivered to someone, only a return to know if there has been some internal error (eg: buf = nullptr and size != 0 for instance)


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