trigger_key_event (Deprecated)

The trigger_key_event function initiates the action of a key event..

IMPORTANT! This is a deprecated function and you should be using trigger_key_event_EX1 instead.



ERR trigger_key_event(
    ID32  event_id,
    UINT32  value


Parameters Description
event_id Specifies the event ID. Refer to the list of key events in the EventIDs document, and the #define KEY_events in gauges.h.
value Specifies an additional integer value. Set this to zero if it is not required.

Return Values

The function returns an ERR, which is usually ignored. If the event requested is not appropriate, it simply will not happen.


static MODULE_VAR nav_light;
lookup_var( &nav_light);
trigger_key_event( KEY_TOGGLE_NAV_LIGHTS, 0 );





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