The FsPaint structure represents a color, gradient or image pattern used to fill shapes.


struct FsPaint {
    float xform[6];
    float extent[2];
    float radius;
    float feather;
    FsColor innerColor;
    FsColor outerColor;
    int image;


Member Description

Defines the transformation of the pattern using an array of 6 floats: [ m11, m21, m12, m22, m13, m23 ].

This is a lightweight version of 3x3 transformation matrix. If you consider the following matrix:

m11 m12 m13
m21 m22 m23
m31 m32 m33

extent Defines the size of the pattern using an array of two floats: [width, height].
radius Defines the radius of the rounded corners of a box gradient.
feather Defines the blurriness of the border of a box gradient.
innerColor Defines the inner color of a gradient.
outerColor Defines the outer color of a gradient.
image Defines the handle to the image used for this pattern.





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