This function can be used to select which point of reference will be used to compute altitude. This function is only valid when the fsMapViewSetViewMode is set to "Altitude" view mode.



bool fsMapViewSetAltitudeReference(
    FsContext ctx,
    FsTextureId id,
    FsMapViewAltitudeReference eRef



Parameters Description
ctx A value of type FsContext provided as an argument of the gauge callback.
id The MapView render ID as returned by the function fsMapViewCreate.
eRef Set the altitude reference to be used for the MapView. See the Remarks for possible values.



Return Values

Returns false

  • if no texture matches the given MapView ID
  • the ctx is invalid
  • the given eRef is invalid

Otherwise it will return true.




The table below shows the available references for the MapView altitude:

eModes Description
FS_MAP_VIEW_ALTITUDE_REFERENCE_GEOID Altitude colours will be applied with reference to the height from the Geoid (MSL)
FS_MAP_VIEW_ALTITUDE_REFERENCE_PLANE Altitude colours will be applied with reference to the current aircraft altitude.

Example Of The Difference Between Aircraft And Geoid Reference



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