The fsNetworkHttpRequestGet function creates an http GET request.


FsNetworkRequestId fsNetworkHttpRequestGet(
    const char* url,
    FsNetworkHttpRequestParam* param,
    HttpRequestCallback callback,
    void* userData


Parameters Description
url The URL for the PUT request to be sent to.
param This is the FsNetworkHttpRequestParam struct that is used to customise the request. Note that the postField must be a nullptr for a GET request. You may use a nullptr here rather than supply parameters.
callback This is where you can provide a callback function for when the request has been completed. You may use a nullptr here instead. 
userData A user defined pointer for data that is to be returned as part the callback (or nullptr if not required).
Return Values

This function returns a valid request ID - which can be used in further function calls, like fsNetworkHttpRequestGetData or fsNetworkHttpRequestGetErrorCode - otherwise it will return 0 if the call fails.





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