This sample project has a single Jetway object that can be added to an airport. Jetways are what are used at some airports to connect a parked aircraft to a gate. You can find information about creating Jetway visual assets (models) from the following page:

You can also find more information about the configuration of a jetway by seeing the <IKChain> and <IKConstraint> sections of the [model].xml file.


You can expand the link below to see the Jetway file and folder structure:

File OverviewFile Overview

|---+ Jetway
    |---+ PackageDefinitions
    |   |---- mycompany-jetways.xml
    |---+ PackageSources
    |   |---+ Data
    |   |   |---+ Jetway_Link
    |   |       |---+ model
    |   |           |---- Jetway_Link.bin
    |   |           |---- Jetway_Link.gltf
    |   |           |---- Jetway_Link.xml
    |   |           |---- Jetway_Link_LOD01.bin
    |   |           |---- Jetway_Link_LOD01.gltf
    |   |           |---- Jetway_Link_LOD02.bin
    |   |           |---- Jetway_Link_LOD02.gltf
    |   |---+ SimObjects
    |       |---+ Landmarks
    |           |---+ MyCompany_Jetway
    |               |---+ model
    |               |   |---- Jetway.bin
    |               |   |---- Jetway.gltf
    |               |   |---- Jetway.xml
    |               |   |---- Jetway_LOD01.bin
    |               |   |---- Jetway_LOD01.gltf
    |               |   |---- Jetway_LOD02.bin
    |               |   |---- Jetway_LOD02.gltf
    |               |   |---- model.cfg
    |               |---+ soundai
    |               |   |---- soundai.xml
    |               |---+ texture
    |                   |---- Glass_Boarding_Ramp_Albedo.png
    |                   |---- Glass_Boarding_Ramp_COMP.png
    |                   |---- Glass_Boarding_Ramp_Normal.png
    |                   |---- Metal_Boarding_Ramp_Albedo.png
    |                   |---- Metal_Boarding_Ramp_COMP.png
    |                   |---- Metal_Boarding_Ramp_Normal.png
    |                   |---- Metal_Boarding_Ramp2_Albedo.png
    |                   |---- Metal_Boarding_Ramp2_COMP.png
    |                   |---- Metal_Boarding_Ramp2_Normal.png
    |---+ Sources
    |   |---+ Art
    |       |---+ Max
    |           |---- Jetway.max
    |---- JetwayProject.xml



Loading And Building The Project

In order to load and build the project in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you must have previously enabled Developer Mode (see here for more information). A jetway cannot exist on it's own and is linked to other simulation objects, specifically an Airport and a Parking Spot, so you'll need to do a few extra steps before you can see it in the simulation.


So, once dev mode is enabled, you should start a flight so that you are taken into the simulation, then follow these steps:


  • Use the Open project... command from the File menu.

Developer Mode Open Project


  • Select the file JetwayProject.xml from the Jetway sample project.
    The Jetway XML File


  • The Project Editor should open automatically and show you the project mycompany-jetway (if the Project Editor doesn't open, then you can open it from the Developer Mode Tools menu).
    The Jetway Project In The Project Editor


  • At this point you want to click the Build All button to build the package so it can be used in the next steps.


  • Once you've built the package, you need to open the Simple Airport project. The steps to do that are outlined here.


  • With the Simple Airport loaded and opened in the Scenery Editor, you need to open the Objects window (from the Scenery Editor View menu).
    The Scenery Editor Objects Window


  • Now, if you try to add the jetway at this point you'll get an error, as it requires a parking spot before it is permitted. So, in the Objects window, from the Object Type drop down list, select the option TaxiwayParking , then select one of the gate types, then click the Add button (jetways can only be associated with Gate parking). This will add a taxiway parking spot to the airport (the actual location isn't important for this example).
    Adding A Taxiway Parking Spot To The Airport


  • Now, you can change the Object Type to Jetway in the Objects window, and if you scroll down the list you should see "MyCompany-Jetway", which is the jetway sample package you built at the start. As before, click the Add button to add it to the airport.
    Adding The Jetway To The Airport


  • You should now see the Jetway has been added to the scene:
    The Sample Jetway Added To The Scene