The BGL Explorer tool can be found in the SDK Tools folder (in the bin sub-folder). It can be used to explore the contents of any BGL file. The tool can be used in one of two ways:

  1. Using the command line, eg: bglexplorer.exe <filepath to BGL>
  2. Select a BGL file in the file explorer, then right click and select "Open With", then choose the BGL Explorer EXE.


Once you have done that, the BGL Explorer app will open and show the contents of the selected file:

The BGL Explorer Tool Showing The Contents Of A BGL File


This tool does not permit edition of the BGL contents, but you can expand sections to view them, and some fields (highlighted in blue, mainly GUIDs) can be selected for copying. The tool also has a Search function, accessed at the top of the tool window. Clicking this will open an input field with the option to search for a GUID, and pasting in a GUID string will take you to it's location in the BGL:

Example Of Searching A GUID With The Tool