The launcher tool is a tool specifically created to provide the developer a faster launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This tool basically launches Microsoft Flight Simulator as normal, but forces the game to skip the intro logos and videos that would normally be displayed on load. Future versions of this tool will be targeted to provide more control/options to the user, to benefit from faster access to their Dev Mode environment.


To use this tool, simply call the fsdevmodelauncher.exe executable instead of the normal game shortcut or EXE. You can find this tool from the following SDK path:

<SDK ROOT>\Tools\bin\fsdevmodelauncher\

IMPORTANT: This tool currently only works for the version of the simulation bought from the MS Store. 

The tool itself can also be built using Visual Studio, as the source code is also supplied as part of the SDK. You can find the code from the following location:

<SDK ROOT>\Tools\fsdevmodelauncher\