This section describes the files required for sounds in an add-on package. Sound files can be in one of two formats:

  • sound.xml / soundai.xml: The Microsoft Flight Simulator sound configuration format
  • sound.cfg / soundai.cfg: The legacy sound configuration format


You'll notice that there are naming conventions for each file type. The sound.xml / sound.cfg file is for user controlled aircraft while the soundai.xml / soundai.cfg file is for use by all other non-user controlled SimObjects, like ground vehicles. This means that for an aircraft, if it can be flown by the player and used as an AI aircraft, then it should have both files sound.xml and soundai.xml (or sound.cfg and soundai.cfg for legacy aircraft).


The files explained above files would go in the "sound" folder of the aircraft and/or the "soundai" folder. Both types of configuration file (XML and CFG) can work alongside each other (if defining different sounds), but it is highly recommended to adopt the XML configuration file when creating a new sound configuration. Note that if the legacy audio pipeline is used, all the *.wav files required for a given SimObject will have to be located in same sound/soundai folder as the configuration file.


For more information on these files and their configuration, please see the following pages:



There is also a full tutorial available that covers creating simple and complex sounds using Wwise, as well as integrating them into your aircraft package, available here: