IMPORTANT! This version of the Aircraft Editor is deprecated in favour of the updated version, which is documented here. This version can only be used when the Use New Aircraft Editor checkbox in the Tools menu is un-checked. You should not be using this editor for any aircraft other than legacy aircraft and even then, you should try and transition to the new editor as soon as possible.


The Aircraft Editor allows to you to edit and debug an aircraft package that has been loaded into The Project Editor. To see an example of a simple aircraft package you should look at the SimpleAircraft sample project, or for a complete and detailed aircraft, look at the DA62 sample project.


Once you have loaded an aircraft package into Developer Mode, you can build it and then use the Aircraft Selector tool to load it into the simulation as the user aircraft, or select it from the main menu before starting a flight. Once an aircraft has been loaded, you can open the Aircraft Editor from the Tools menu:

The Aircraft Editor

NOTE: You can have multiple aircraft built in the simulation and then change between them in the aircraft editor by using the Select button at the top.

The tabs shown in this editor can be used to add/tweak information in the different aircraft.cfg files. When editing the information here, it is not immediately written to files but instead it is held in memory. You can then use the Resync option to apply any changes that you make to the aircraft that is currently selected, without saving. If the changes you make are all correct, then you can use the Save or the Save And Resync options to permanently write the changes to the files.


Infromation about the different menu items available for the Aircraft Editor can be found here:


Information about each of the available tabs in the Aircraft Editor can be found on the following pages: