The tables below indicate the requirements for the Simulation Variables that can be used to get and set the different miscellaneous properties. For information on the units listed for each variable, please see here: Simulation Variable Units

NOTE: When Microsoft Flight Simulator is running in multiplayer mode, only a small number of variables are communicated between aircraft. Those variables that are available will say so in the description as being either for "All Aircraft" or for "Shared Cockpit".

You can find a complete index of all available SimVars here: SimVar Index



Simulation Variable Description Units Settable
ANIMATION DELTA TIME Difference of time between the current frame and the last frame where this SimObject has been animated Seconds
ARTIFICIAL GROUND ELEVATION In case scenery is not loaded for AI planes, this variable can be used to set a default surface elevation. Feet
CATEGORY One of the following:
  1. "Airplane",
  2. "Helicopter",
  3. "Boat",
  4. "GroundVehicle",
  5. "ControlTower",
  6. "SimpleObject",
  7. "Viewer"
CRASH FLAG Flag value that indicates the cause of a crash.


  1. 0:[index] None
  2. 2:[index] Mountain
  3. 4:[index] General
  4. 6:[index] Building
  5. 8:[index] Splash
  6. 10:[index] Gear up
  7. 12:[index] Overstress
  8. 14:[index] Building
  9. 16:[index] Aircraft
  10. 18:[index] Fuel Truck
CRASH SEQUENCE The state of the crash event sequence.


  1. 0:[index] off
  2. 1:[index] complete
  3. 3:[index] reset
  4. 4:[index] pause
  5. 11:[index] start
GROUND ALTITUDE Altitude of surface. Meters
HAND ANIM STATE What frame of the hand is currently used.


  1. 0 = Hover
  2. 1 = Index push/Point
  3. 2 = Pinch large
  4. 3 = Pinch medium
  5. 4 = Pinch small
  6. 5 = Pinch lateral
  7. 6 = Press all/Fist
  8. 7 = Toggle lever up/down
  9. 8 = Thumb push
  10. 9 = Holde yoke thin
  11. 10 = Hold throttle
  12. 11 = Hold yokes
  13. 12 = Push/pull lever
IDLE ANIMATION ID The ID of the idle animation for the sim object. String
MAGVAR Magnetic variation. Degrees
REALISM General realism percent. Number
REALISM CRASH DETECTION True indicates crash detection is turned on. Bool
REALISM CRASH WITH OTHERS True indicates crashing with other aircraft is possible. Bool
SIM DISABLED Is sim disabled. Bool
SIM ON GROUND On ground flag. Bool
TRACK IR ENABLE Returns true if Track IR is enabled or not. Bool
TOTAL WORLD VELOCITY Speed relative to the earths center. Feet per second
USER INPUT ENABLED Is input allowed from the user. Bool
VISUAL MODEL RADIUS Model radius. Meters
VELOCITY WORLD X Speed relative to earth, in East/West direction. Feet per second
VELOCITY WORLD Y Speed relative to earth, in vertical direction. Feet per second
VELOCITY WORLD Z Speed relative to earth, in North/South direction. Feet per second



Ambient / Weather

Simulation Variable Description Units Settable
AMBIENT DENSITY Ambient density Slugs per cubic feet
AMBIENT PRECIP RATE The current precipitation rate. millimeters of water
AMBIENT PRECIP STATE The current state of precipitation.


  1. 2 = None
  2. 4 = Rain
  3. 8 = Snow
AMBIENT PRESSURE Ambient pressure Inches of mercury, inHg
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE Ambient temperature Celsius
AMBIENT VISIBILITY Ambient visibility (only measures ambient particle visibility - related to ambient density). Meters
AMBIENT WIND DIRECTION Wind direction, relative to true north.  Degrees
AMBIENT WIND X Wind component in East/West direction. Meters per second
AMBIENT WIND Y Wind component in vertical direction. Meters per second
AMBIENT WIND Z Wind component in North/South direction. Meters per second
BAROMETER PRESSURE Barometric pressure Millibars
SEA LEVEL PRESSURE Barometric pressure at sea level Millibars
STRUCT AMBIENT WIND X (latitude), Y (vertical) and Z (longitude) components of the wind. Feet per second




Simulation Variable Description Units Settable
STRUCT DAMAGEVISIBLE Deprecated, do not use! -
STRUCT PBH32 Returns a pitch, bank and heading value (for what will depend on the SimVar being used).



STRUCT REALISM VARS Not currently used in the simulation. -
STRUCT SURFACE RELATIVE VELOCITY The relative surface velocity. SIMCONNECT_DATA_XYZ structure, feet per second
STRUCT WORLDVELOCITY The world velocity. SIMCONNECT_DATA_XYZ structure, feet per second
STRUCT WORLD ACCELERATION The world acceleration for each axis. Individual world acceleration values are in the Aircraft Position and Speed section. SIMCONNECT_DATA_XYZ structure, feet per second squared
STRUCT WORLD ROTATION VELOCITY The world rotation velocity. SIMCONNECT_DATA_XYZ structure, radians per second



CFS Variables (Deprecated)

Simulation Variable Description Units Settable
BOMB AMMO The amount of bomb ammunition available. Number
CANNON AMMO The amount of cannon ammunition available. Number
GUN AMMO The amount of gun ammunition available. Number
ROCKET AMMO The amount of rocket ammunition available. Number