The GraphParameter Node

This Node can be used to retrieve the value of a Model Behavior parameter, which in itself can contain RPN to permit calculations to be used within the effect. When adding this node the Inspector will look like this:

The GraphParameter Inspector WindowThe options here are:

  • GraphParamName: This is the name of the Model Behavior parameter to retrieve the value from.
  • GraphParamDefaultValue: This sets a default parameter value that will be returned should there be any issue retrieving the named parameter.


You can also find an example of how the model behaviors should be set up to correctly define a parameter for use in this node on the following page:



Node Inputs

The GraphParameter node permits the following input:


  • GraphParamDefaultValue
    This input will overide the value set in the node Inspector and will be used should there be an issue retrieving the given parameter name.



Node Output

The node will output either the default value (from the node itself or from the node input) or the value returned by the given the parameter name, calculated by the Model Behavior.