The SimConnect_Open function is used to send a request to the Microsoft Flight Simulator server to open up communications with a new client.


HRESULT SimConnect_Open(
    HANDLE*  phSimConnect,
    LPCSTR  szName,
    HWND  hWnd,
    DWORD  UserEventWin32,
    HANDLE  hEventHandle,
    DWORD  ConfigIndex


Parameter Description Type
phSimConnect Pointer to a handle to a SimConnect object. Integer
szName Pointer to a null-terminated string containing an appropriate name for the client program. Integer
hWnd Handle to a Windows object. Set this to NULL if the handle is not being used.
UserEventWin32 Code number that the client can specify. Set this to 0 if it is not being used. Integer
hEventHandle A Windows Event handle. A client can be written to respond to Windows Events, rather than use a polling and callback system, which can be a more efficient process if the client does not have to respond very frequently to changes in data in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Integer
ConfigIndex The configuration index. The SimConnect.cfg file can contain a number of configurations, identified in sections with the [SimConnect] or [SimConnect.N] titles. Setting this configuration index indicates which configuration settings to use for this SimConnect client. This is useful for applications that communicate with a number of different machines that are running Microsoft Flight Simulator. The default configuration index is zero (matching a [SimConnect] entry in a SimConnect.cfg file). Note the E_INVALIDARG return value. Integer


Return Values

The function returns an HRESULT. Possible values include, but are not limited to, those in the following table.

Return value Description
S_OK The function succeeded.
E_FAIL The function failed.
E_INVALIDARG A SimConnect section in the SimConnect.cfg file did not contain the config index requested in the parameters.


HRESULT hr; HANDLE hSimConnect = NULL;  
hr = SimConnect_Open(&hSimConnect, "Your Application Name", NULL, 0, 0, SIMCONNECT_OPEN_CONFIGINDEX_LOCAL);



Most client applications will have one SimConnect_Open call, and one corresponding SimConnect_Close call. However in some applications, multiplayer in particular, multiple SimConnect_Open calls may be necessary, in which case an array or list of handles will need to be maintained, and closed appropriately.


A client can optionally examine the SIMCOMMENT_RECV_OPEN structure that is returned after a call to SimConnect_Open. This structure gives versioning and build information that should be useful when multiple versions of SimConnect and multiple versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator that support it, are available.

If a remote client successfully establishes a link with Flight Simulator, but at some later time the network connection is lost, SimConnect functions will return the NTSTATUS error STATUS_REMOTE_DISCONNECT (0xC000013CL).


The SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_VERSION_MISMATCH exception will be returned if a versioning error has occurred, typically when a client built on a newer version of the SimConnect client dll attempts to work with an older version of the SimConnect server. If this exception is received the number 4 is returned in the dwIndex parameter of the SIMCONNECT_RECV_EXCEPTION structure.


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