The SIMCONNECT_DATA_WAYPOINT structure is used to define a single waypoint.


    double  Latitude;
    double  Longitude;
    double  Altitude;
    unsigned long  Flags;
    double  ktsSpeed;
    double  percentThrottle;


Member Description
Latitude Latitude in degrees.
Longitude Longitude in degrees.
Altitude Altitude in feet.

Specifies the flags set for this waypoint, see SIMCONNECT_WAYPOINT_FLAGS. These flags can be OR'ed together, for example:


ktsSpeed Specifies the required speed in knots. If a specific speed is required, then the SIMCONNECT_WAYPOINT_SPEED_REQUESTED flag must be set to True.

Specifies the required throttle as a percentage. If a specific throttle percentage is required, then the SIMCONNECT_WAYPOINT_THROTTLE_REQUESTED flag must be set to True.



The SimConnect_AddToDataDefinition call can be used to add a SIMCONNECT_DATA_WAYPOINT structure to a data definition. A list of waypoints is sent to an AI object using the SimConnect_SetDataOnSimObject function. There is no limit to the number of waypoints that can be sent to an object. If just one waypoint is set, the SIMCONNECT_WAYPOINT_WRAP_TO_FIRST flag should not be used.


If a speed is requested at a waypoint, the slower that speed is the closer the object will approach the exact point of the waypoint, requests for high speeds can result in the AI system turning the object some way off of the waypoint. The pitch, bank and heading of objects controlled by the waypoint system are determined by the AI pilot, and cannot be set from a client.


This structure can only be used to set data, it cannot be used as part of a data request.


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