The SIMCONNECT_RECV structure is used with the SIMCONNECT_RECV_ID enumeration to indicate which type of structure has been returned.


    DWORD  dwSize;
    DWORD  dwVersion;
    DWORD  dwID;


Member Description
dwSize The total size of the returned structure in bytes (that is, not usually the size of the SIMCONNECT_RECV structure, but of the structure that inherits it).
dwVersion The version number of the SimConnect server.
dwID The ID of the returned structure. One member of SIMCONNECT_RECV_ID.



This structure is inherited directly by:



The structure is also inherited by SIMCONNECT_RECV_QUIT, which does not add any new members. This structure is received when the user quits Microsoft Flight Simulator.


This structure is inherited by the SIMCONNECT_RECV_EVENT structure, which is itself inherited by several other structures:


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