The SIMCONNECT_RECV_LIST_TEMPLATE structure is used to provide information on the number of elements in a list returned to the client, and the number of packets that were used to transmit the data.


    DWORD  dwRequestID;   
    DWORD  dwArraySize;   
    DWORD  dwEntryNumber;   
    DWORD  dwOutOf; 


Member Description
dwRequestID Double word containing the client defined request ID.
dwArraySize Double word containing the number of elements in the list that are within this packet. For example, if there are items returned in the structure, then this field will contain 25, but if there are 400 items in the list and the data is returned in two packets, then this value will contain the number of entries within each packet, ie: 200.
dwREntry Double word containing the index number of this list packet. This number will be from 0 to dwOutOf - 1.
dwOutOf Double word containing the total number of packets used to transmit the list.


This structure is inherited by multiple other structs, for example: SIMCONNECT_RECV_FACILITY_MINIMAL_LIST.


This structure inherits the SIMCONNECT_RECV structure, so use the SIMCONNECT_RECV_ID enumeration to determine which list structure has been received, which in turn will also determine the other members of the struct specific to the function that generated it.


See the remarks for SimConnect_RequestFacilitesList.


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