The fsRenderCreateTexture creates a new texture.


int fsRenderCreateTexture(
    FsContext ctx,
    int type,
    int w,
    int h,
    int imageFlags,
    const unsigned char* data,
    const char* debugName


Parameters Description
ctx A value of type FsContext provided as an argument of the gauge callback.
type The texture type: -1 for Alpha only, 2 for RGBA.
w The width of the texture to create.
h The height of the texture to create.

A combination - using logical or - of the following values:

  • 1 to generate mipmaps automatically
  • 2 to repeat the image in the X direction
  • 4 to repeat the image in the Y direction
  • 8 to flip the image on the Y axis
  • 16 to indicate that the image data has premultiplied alpha
  • 32 to specify a Nearest instead of a Linear interpolation
data The texture data.
debugName The texture name for debugging purposes.

Return Values

This function returns a handle to the created texture (to be used by the image member of the FsPaint structure) if it is successful, or 0 if it failed.





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