The fsVfxSetRotation function is used to change the pitch, bank and heading values of a VFX instance.



bool fsVfxSetRotation(
    FsVfxId id,
    FsVec3d newPbh


Parameters Description
id The ID of the VFX to set the rotation of, as returned by either fsVfxSpawnInWorld or fsVfxSpawnOnSimObject.
newPbh An array of three values representing the new pitch bank and heading values.

Return Values

The function will return TRUE if the given ID exists and is a valid VFX instance, otherwise it will return FALSE.


FsVec3d pbh = { 0, 0, 90 };
fsVfxSetWorldPosition(vfxId, pbh);



If the VFX instance was spawned on a SimObject, then the new pbh values will be relative to the pbh of the object, however if the VFX instance was spawned in the world, then the pbh values are absolute.


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