The GetInstanceAttribute Node

This Node can be used to retrieve a single ground attribute for a particle. The information that this node returns is retrieved using a projection of the particle onto the ground from it's current position. Essentially a ray is cast from the particle to the center of the world, and the information retrieved from the point of intersection between this ray and the terrain beneath it.



Node Output

This node has the following output:


  • GroundAttributeType
    The attribute type is set from the Inspector window:
    The GetInstanceAttribute Options in The Inspector Window
    The following attribute types are available:


    String Type Description
    Position Vec3 Returns the position on the ground for the particle as a Vec3 with the format (x, y, z). This position is relative to the emitter position.
    Colour Vec4 Returns the color of the ground at the relative particle position as a vec4 corresponding to the (R, G, B, A) values of the terrain texture.