The GravityDirection Node

This Node can be used to retrieve a direction vector (3 values: X, Y, Z) based on the direction of gravity from the emitter position towards the Earth. The vector returned is a unit vector where each component is a value from 0 to 1. This unit vector would then be multiplied by the Scale value before being output.



Node Input

The GravityVector node has the following input:


  • Scale
    This is the value which will be used to scale the gravity direction unit vector, and is a scalar (float). This value is in meters per second squared, and by default is set to 9.807, which is the approximate value for the earth's gravitational pull. This value can be set directly within the node itself, or from the Inspector window:
    The GravityVector Options in The Inspector WindowNote that you may supply a negative value for the scale, in which case the resulting vector will be the direction of gravity away from the Earth, rather than towards it.



Node Output

This node will output a 3 value vector of the X, Y and Z components for the gravity direction.