The SetScale NodeThis Node will scale an input (x) by a given magnitude (scale). When specifying the input value and the scale, you can supply Node Inputs, or add fixed values to the node input boxes, or you can add them through the Inspector window:
The Inspector Window Inputs For The SetScale Node



Node Inputs

The SetScale node permits the following inputs:


  • X
    This is the value that is to be scaled and can be a float, integer or a vector. If a vector is supplied, then each of the component values will be scaled by the scale magnitude of the node.


  • Scale
    This is the magnitude that is to be used to scale the input (x) value by. This can be a fixed value, or it can be set using another node.



Node Output

The node will output a value scaled by the magnitude given for the scale, and the output will be of the same type as the input, ie: a scalar if the input was a scalar, or a vector if the input was a vector.