The WindDirection Node

This Node can be used to retrieve the wind direction at the position of the particle Emitter. This node has no inputs, and will output a 3 value vector, where the values themselves will depend on the WindDirOptions set for the node.



Node Output

This node has the following option to define the output:


  • WindDirOptions
    The wind direction option is set from the Inspector window:
    The WindDirection Options in The Inspector Window
    The following options are available:
    String Description
    Raw This option will make the node return a vector that represents the wind direction scaled by the speed of the wind (in ft per second). This can be used to not only get the direction of the wind, but the strength too, where larger values indicate a stronger windforce.
    Normalized This option will return a normalised vector where each of the 3 values represents the wind direction on that axis between a value of -1 and 1.