Microsoft Flight Simulator permits you to add your own assets to the game so you can expand the number of aircraft available as well as edit the world that they inhabit. This SDK along with the in-game Developer Mode will allow you to create packages of assets for personal use, or to distribute to friends, or even through the Microsoft Marketplace or third-party distribution services.


This section of the documentation covers the basic creation of the assets themselves (models, sounds, etc...), but this is only half the story since - after creating the assets - you will need to then configure them correctly to be used in an add-on package. Assets can be configured through the different Developer Mode editors, as well as more directly though the various files that are described in the section Content Configuration, although in general both these will be required to correctly generate a full add-on package of any complexity.


The assets you can create externally for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator fall into the following general categories:



If you click any of the links above you will be taken to the section of this documentation that explains each of them, including details of how to set them up, how they should be used, and any caveats you should be aware of while using them.