Scenery objects that do not belong to an airport, like POI objects, are defined in one or more *.xml files (the name of which is up to you, as long as it's in the correct "scene" folder of the project). The scenery XML file can define one or more models to be used for the scenery, and permits you to do some basic terraforming of the zone to accommodate the models better, as well as add certain other features like beacons. Note that while the objects defined in these files don't have to belong to an airport, you can still include a scenery object file along with an airport to add extra buildings and features. Also note that scenery objects are also not simulated in any way and are considered "static". If you need to simulate something then you should see the section on SimObjects.


The pages below explain the XML format that is for scenery objects used and give examples:



If you are looking for information on creating airports or airport scenery, please see here: