SimObjects are objects that are "simulated" in the Microsoft Flight Simulator world. This means that they have some physical properties associated with them, contrary to the "static" objects that can be created as Scenery Objects. The primary SimObject is aircraft - both the user's aircraft and AI aircraft - but can also include boats, wildlife, humans and vehicles. The sections below outline the files that these SimObjects require and how to set them up, and there are also examples of the XML or CFG scripts that each one uses.



Note that all SimObjects share some of the same general CFG parameters and require the same base folders for textures and models. However, each one has its own unique set of parameters and files too, so you should ensure that you have the correct parameters for each object type you create.


The following sections are also relevant to setting up SimObjects, although not exclusively so:



SimObject Folder Structure

When creating any type of SimObject, the folders and files must all be formatted following the rules given below (note that filenames are case in-sensitive). Any file or folder that is found in the package and that is not an expected part of the given file/folder structure will prevent the package being built.

IMPORTANT! If you wish to include any files or folders within the package other than those listed here, they will need to be explicitly listed otherwise they will not be included and the package will fail to build (things like ReadMe.txt or Licence.pdf, WASM modules, font, etc...). Including them in the package has to be done by manually editing the project XML to flag these files as part of the project, as explained here: <Extras>.


The rules for creating a correct SimObject package are as follows (note that not all SimObjects will have or require all the items listed below):


  • The main object file in the project root must be: aircraft.cfg, sim.cfg or container.cfg.


  • FLT files are used to define the properties of the aircraft and simulation when a flight is initialised, either as part of a mission, or as a free flight. You can find information about the contents of the FLT file here: FLT files can only be named one of the following, and should be authored at the same root location as the main object file:
    • approach.flt
    • apron.flt
    • climb.flt
    • cruise.flt
    • descent.flt
    • final.flt
    • finalwater.flt
    • hangar.flt
    • reno.flt
    • runway.flt
    • runwaywater.flt
    • taxi.flt


  • CFG files can only be named one of the following, and should be authored at the same root as the main object file:
    • ai.cfg
    • aircraft.cfg
    • cameras.cfg
    • cockpit.cfg
    • container.cfg
    • engines.cfg
    • flight_model.cfg
    • gameplay.cfg
    • sim.cfg
    • systems.cfg
    • target_performance.cfg


  • For animations, the file should be authored in the same root location as the main object file and should be called:
    • animations.xml
    Note that you may also include a specific folder for animations as well, as shown below (see Model Animation Definitions for more information).


  • If you wish to include basic additional written information then it should be placed in a file with the following name, also authored at the same root location as the main object file:
    • notice.txt


  • For additional data related to the object, you can have the following folders and - if a file is listed as well - the folder should at least have the listed file within it: The names of the other files within these folders (that are not explicitly listed) do not have to follow a specific format, but must be correctly referenced in the relevant CFG/XML/FLT files. Also note that folders that have additional identifiers - for example texture.LIVERY1 - will not cause issues as long as the initial folder identifier is correct, ie "texture", "model" etc...
    • animation
    • checklist
    • effects
    • localization
    • model > model.cfg
    • panel > panel.cfg
    • rtc
    • sound > sound.xml
    • soundai > soundai.xml
    • texture > texture.cfg



SimObject Container Titles

With the exception of aircraft, all SimObjects will be defined in a sim.cfg file, the contents of which is explained on the pages relating to the specific SimObject. However, when working with SimConnect, it is useful to know the specific "container title" that each object has, and so below is a list of all the possible titles that can be used with the SimConnect API:


Object Types Title (case-sensitive) Dynamic
Ground Vehicles
  • Caddy: ASO_Aircraft_Caddy
  • Baggage vehicle variants: ASO_Baggage_Cart01,ASO_Baggage_Cart02, Aso_Baggage_Loader_01, ASO_BaggageTruck01, aso_loadercab
  • Boarding stairs variants: ASO_Boarding_Stairs, ASO_Boarding_Stairs_Red, ASO_Boarding_Stairs_Yellow
  • Facillity vehicle variants: ASO_CarFacillity01_Black, ASO_CarFacillity01_White, ASO_TruckFacility01_Black, ASO_TruckFacility01_White, ASO_TruckFacility01_Yellow
  • Utility vehicle variants: ASO_CarUtility01, ASO_TruckUtility01
  • Catering truck: ASO_Catering_Truck_01
  • Fire truck variants: ASO_Firetruck01, ASO_Firetruck02
  • Fuel truck variants: ASO_FuelTruck01_Black,ASO_FuelTruck01_White, ASO_FuelTruck02_Black, ASO_FuelTruck02_White
  • Power unit: ASO_Ground_Power_Unit
  • Operation truck: aso_operation_truck
  • Push back: ASO_Pushback_Blue, ASO_Pushback_White
  • Shuttle: ASO_Shuttle_01_Gray, ASO_Shuttle_01_Yellow
  • Tug variants: ASO_Tug01_White, ASO_Tug02_White
  • Boat variants: Boat01, Boat02
  • Cargo variants: CargoContainer01, CargoGas01, CargoOil, CargoShip01
  • CruiseShip variants: CruiseShip01, CruiseShip02
  • Fishing variants: FishingBoat, FishingShip02, FishingShip03
  • Yacht variants: Yacht01, Yacht02, Yacht03
  • Bear variants: BlackBear, GrizzlyBear, PolarBear, SyrianBear
  • Elephant variants: AfricanElephant, AfricanElephant_Child, AsianElephant, AsianElephant_Child, BorneoElephant, BorneoElephant_Child, SriLankanElephant, SriLankanElephant_Child, SriLankanElephant_Child_Albino, SumatranElephant, SumatranElephant_Child, SumatranElephant_Child_Albino
  • Flamingo
  • Giraffe variants: AfricanGiraffe, AngolanGiraffe, MasaiGiraffe, ReticulatedGiraffe
  • Goose
  • Hippo
  • Rhino variants: RhinoBlack, RhinoBlackWestern, RhinoWhite, RhinoWhiteNorthern
  • Seagull
  • Marshaller: Marshaller_gender_season_ethnicity
  • Tarmac worker: Tarmac_gender_season_ethnicity

With the possible variants:

  • gender: Male, Female
  • season: Summer, Winter
  • ethnicity: African, Arab, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Indian

Examples: Tarmac_Female_Winter_Hispanic, Marshaller_Male_Summer_Indian

Landmarks windmill, windsock No