As one might expect, Ground Vehicles are SimObjects representing vehicles that move on the ground. These types of SimObjects can be used in missions - for example - but are mainly used as part of the Living World, to populate airports. More precisely, there are two types of Ground Vehicles uses in airports:

  • Ambient Traffic, which are vehicles random wandering across the airport while following taxi paths
  • Services, which can directly interact with aircrafts for specific purposes

The latter generally require additional specific configuration in order to work properly, and have thus their own pages here. The pages linked below outlines some of the general requirements for the configuration file used by all ground vehicles:



The following pages detail the basics of Ground Vehicle configuration for specific types of ground vehicle, whether they form a part of the Ambient Traffic or Services:

NOTE: that the information on each of these pages builds on the information given in the Ground Vehicle sim.cfg page, so you should be aware of the contents of that page before continuing.