The Developer Mode Menu

The [DevMode] menu is the main Developer Mode menu where you'll start creating your add-on projects from. The options available here are:


  • New Project
    This option permits you to create a new project. This will open the "Create New Project" dialog: The Create New Project Dialog Here you give a location where the project folder will be saved to (this folder is where all the package source files will be stored for the entire project), and the name of the project. Clicking Oreate New Project will start the New Project Wizard which is explained in full on the page for The Project Editor. Note that if you haven't given a default Company Name and Creator Name for your add-ons, you may be prompted for this before the New Project Wizard opens.


  • Open Project
    With this option you can browse to a previously created project and load it into The Project Editor.


  • Open Recent
    From this sub-menu you can select and open projects that you have been working on previously.


  • Auto-Hide
    This is a toggle that - when enabled - will automatically hide the Developer Mode menu unless you move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen. It is disabled by default.


  • Manage Windows
    This option will show the following sub-menu: The Windows Behaviour Options This menu controls the way that the different [DevMode] windows will be displayed. Note that when you select the Always Transparent option, you will be able to set the transparency level using the Transparent Window Opacity slider at the bottom of the menu.


  • Save Settings
    Selecting this will save the current Developer Mode settings, including things like window size and window placement for the different editors, as well as certain settings and the DevMode Options. The saved file is called DevMode.xml and it will be saved in one of the following locations depending on which version of Microsoft Flight Simulator you have installed:
    • For the regular Windows version:


    • For the Steam version:

      \Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\DevMode.xml


  • Reset Settings
    Selecting this will reset the Developer Mode settings and options to their default state and values.


  • Exit [DevMode]
    This will exit Developer Mode. If you select this, you will need to go back to the main Microsoft Flight Simulator General options to enable it again: Re-Enable DevMode From The Main Menu