The Comment Node Graph ElementThe Comment Node is an Edition graph item that can be used to not only add comments into the visuals of the VFX Node Graph, but to group items placed within the node area.


When placed in the Node Graph, the Inspector window will show the following details:

The Inspector For A NodeComment Item

Here you can set the id for the Edition item, which is essentially the name of the block that will be used to identify it in the Node Graph. You can then add text into the NodeComment box, which can be used to explain something within the Node Graph or leave instructions for other members of the team, etc... Finally, you can assign a color to the graph item, either by defining the RGBA components individually (as values between 0 and 1), or by clicking on the color swatch to open the Colour Picker window and selecting the color from that.



Grouping Graph Items Within The Comment

An important feature of the CommentNode is its ability to be used as a grouping tool. To use this, you first need to set the size of the item, which can be done either:

  • from the Inspector window Edition tab using the NodePosition and NodeSize options
  • clicking on a corner of the CommentNode item itself then dragging

Once the comment item has been resized you can then place other graph items within the internal window. This will essentially "group" these items with the CommentNode, such that if you move the CommentNode graph item, the items within it will move too. You can see how this works from the short animation below:


Using The NodeComment To Group Items In The Node Graph