The RandomValue NodeThis node element is used to generate a single random value between two defined values using a seed and index. When specifying values, you can supply Node Inputs, or add fixed values to the node input boxes, or you can add them through the Inspector window:
The Inspector Window Inputs For The RandomValue



Node Inputs

The RandomValue node permits the following inputs:


  • MinRandValue
    This is the minimum value for the output (a scalar).


  • MaxRandValue
    This is the maximum value for the output (a scalar).


  • RandSeed
    This is the random seed to use to generate the output between the given min and max values (a scalar).


  • RandIndex
    This is is an additional value to be added on to the seed value. Useful when multiple nodes share the same seed but you want different outputs.



Node Output

The node will output a scalar (float) value, which will be a random value between the supplied minimum and maximum values.