The Tools Menu


This menu gives you access to the various editor tools that are used to create your add-on packages for the current project when in Developer Mode. Most of these tools will only be visible when you have created or opened a project, and are actually in the simulation (ie: You have selected an aircraft, a departure point, and an arrival point, and entered the flight sim).


The available options are:


  • Project Editor

    Opens The Project Editor where you can create a new project or edit an existing one.


  • Scenery Editor

    Opens The Scenery Editor where you can add scenery, terraform the terrain or create an airport.


  • Script Editor

    Opens The Script Editor where you can create and modify mission scripts.


  • Material Editor

    Opens The Material Editor where you can view, create and modify the different simulation materials.



  • Aircraft Editor

    Opens The Aircraft Editor (Legacy) for modifying aircraft parameters. This version of the Aircraft Editor is deprecated and you should be using the more modern version, below. If you are required to use this version, then you must un-tick the Use New Aircraft Editor option at the bottom of this menu.




  • Visual Effects Editor
    Opens The Visual Effects Editor for creating and modifying dynamic visual effects, like contrails and smoke.


  • Aircraft Capture Tool

    Opens The Aircraft Capture Tool where you can capture images of your aircraft for use in promotional material and Marketplace Data.
    NOTE: This window is only available when in the aircraft Hangar view


  • Use New Aircraft Editor

    This option is checked by default and indicates that aircraft should be created and edited using the updated The Aircraft Editor, instead of the (deprecated) older version. Un-checking this will disable the updated editor and enable the old one again.




  • Screenshot

    This option is for taking screenshots within the simulation, and has the following selections:

    The Screenshot Options In The Tools Menu

    Choosing any of these options will open an explorer window where you can give the file a name, and clicking Okay will then save the screenshot to the given location. Screenshots are saved as *.png files, and can be 2K (1920px*1080px) or 4K (3810px*2160), and can also be with or without the Microsoft Flight Simulator UI elements. Note that the screen/game window may flicker and change size when taking the screenshot, and the process will take a few seconds to complete before returning to the original size.