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The Aircraft Editor allows to you to edit an aircraft package. You can launch the editor from the Tools menu, after entering Developer Mode:

Launching The Aircraft Editor From The Tools Menu


There are three ways to load an aircraft:




When clicking Save and Resync, all changes made will be saved. Then, the game will reload the aircraft in order to take the changes into account. Resync will reload the actual aircraft in the game. Until Save and Resync is clicked, none of the changes made in the tool will affect the aircraft in game.

The Save And Resync Option From The Aircraft Editor File Menu

Debug Windows

In the Debug menu, several debug windows can be activated. These are explained on the following page:

The Different Debug Options For The Aircraft Editor
When Automatic is checked, debug windows will automatically activate and deactivate depending on which section of the aircraft is being edited.




The developer camera can move freely around the aircraft. Make sure it is enabled from the Camera menu if you want to use it:

Enable The Developer Camera


You can find a full list of the camera controls available from the section on the Developer Camera.


When editing a camera, Get From Game buttons are available in the Aircraft Editor for some parameters. When clicking this button, the corresponding parameter will take its value from the current camera used in the game.

Get From Game Buttons In The Aircraft Editor



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