RELEASE NOTES - SDK release 0.19.2

IMPORTANT! This update also incorporates the changes listed for SDK Release 0.19.0.


Developer Mode Changes


  • NEW: The Smart Docking System is available! The game is embedded in an ImGui window while using devmode. Default layouts for each editor will soon be made available.
  • Added: Debug road vehicles option.
  • Added: a warning when a polygon has an invalid shape and it failed to subdivise it in the BGL compiler.
  • Added: Display message groups names when hovered in the console.
  • Fixed: Debug draws (e.g. "Display FPS") now renders on top of ImGui.
  • Fixed: Teleport window to EHAM has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Fixed rare crash when parsing ModelBehavior XML.
  • Fixed: Making the launch alert popup display only when loading is over.
  • Fixed: Icao selector not closing when clicking Cancel.
  • Fixed: Saving settings upon checking/unchecking the "Don't show again" checkbox.
  • Fixed: invalid warning messages about alpha values for invisible collision materials.
  • Fixed: Screenshot tools soft-locking the game when an HDR screen was connected & HDR was activated inside the OS.
  • Fixed: crash upon closing an ImGui window from Windows taskbar.
  • Changed: WasmDebugWindow now shows dll full path instead of CRC.
  • Changed: Improved teleport window and added camcode.
  • Changed: Improved developer camera (orbit around target).
  • Changed: Making the console dockable while using the devmode, and also make it respect devmode windows opacity setting.
  • Changed: Removed the legacy Camera Editor tool. Cameras are now to be edited with the Aircraft Editor.


Project Editor

  • Fixed: The Project Editor "Save As" option now works correctly.
  • Changed: Marketplace Data scrollers and sliders are now limited to 15 media (images) each.
  • Changed: Marketplace Data backgrounds are now limited to 5 media (images) each.
  • Changed: Removed ContentInfo and MarketplaceData from the available types when creating a new Asset Group.
  • Changed: Rework the way scenery packages are ordered - the content.xml will no longer store the list of all packages, and will now allow you to set priorities to some packages. The user can edit these priorities via a new tool available in the Simulation experimental menu.


Scenery Editor

  • Added: Easily use default sceneries for jetways.
  • Added: SimObjects can now be hidden.
  • Fixed: Framerate drop due to offline air traffic.


Material Editor

  • Fixed: Reloading of libraries in Material Manager.


Visual Effects Editor

  • Fixed: A crash when opening an effect in the editor after deleting another effect.
  • Fixed: SetScale node always displaying unknown input type.
  • Fixed: GetParticleAttribute & GetGroundAttribute & Color nodes not displaying the right output type.
  • Fixed: Double vertical scroll bar in the SimVar units drop-down menu.
  • Fixed: Occasional glitches in ribbon-based FXs rendering
  • Fixed: A crash when plugging a graph using a GetInstanceAttribute node into a StaticMesh block input .
  • Changed: Properties of the GraphParameter node have shorter names in the graph.
  • Changed: Plugging a graph to an effect wide property no longer causes static invalid values to be cached for particle specific computations (see here for more information).
  • Changed: UX improvements to editor popups (Create, Clone, Rename and Delete effect): Enter and Escape keys can be used to cancel/validate the popups and text fields automatically grab focus
  • Changed: Material Diffuse & Emissive colors are now available on the particle Output block. They replace AfterBurnerColor1 & 2 for the StaticMesh block
  • Changed: Properties related to specific material codes are hidden when the material used does not match


SDK Changes

  • IMPORTANT! Due to a restructuring of the SDK, you should clear the install directory of all files and folders before installing to prevent conflicts or issues (if you have your own projects saved in the SDK location, you should save them to a different location as well).
  • Added: support for 3DSMax 2023 in glTF exporter
  • Added: support for Visual Studio 2022 in MSFS Platform Toolset
  • Added: KALO airport sample added.
  • Fixed: fix for compilation bugs with textures containing UTF-8 characters in the PackageTool.
  • Fixed: Default aircraft project now includes a thumbnail with correct dimensions
  • Fixed: Super cells positioning when creating Weather Preset in SDK.
  • Changed: Improvements of the rendering of XML Gauges when using NanoVG:
    • Image mask now works as they should
    • Elliptical drawings (arcs and pies) fixed
    • String formatting is supported (\t, \{md}, \{lsp}, etc)
    • String overall rendering improved to better match GDI rendering
    • Fixed ellipse rendering issue when using NanoVG or GDI+ over NanoVG
  • Changed: NanoVG is now the default rendering method instead of GDI for XML gauges on PC (this can still be changed from the Simulation options "Experimental" menu, "Use NanoVG for XML Gauges".
  • Changed: SDK samples have been reorganized.


  • SimConnect

    • Added: SimConnect_AddToFacilityDefinition to build a facilityDataDefinition and SimConnect_RequestFacilityData to request it
    • Fixed: VR headset view now recentered when writing 1 to CAMERA_REQUEST_ACTION simvar


  • WASM

    • Added: A new Visual Studio Debugger Extension which improves WASM debugging (especially inspecting callbacks)
    • Fixed: Reloading of standalone WASM modules after sign-out / sign-in






Previous SDK Release Notes

Below you can find a list of the list notes for previous releases of this SDK. Simply double click the release notes you want to explore to open them:


SDK Release 0.19.0SDK Release 0.19.0

Developer Mode Changes

  • General
    • New! New window transparency option in Devmode->Manage Windows menu.
    • Fixed: Reworked windows opacity system to make it more consistent.
    • Fixed: No inputs after exiting devmode while scenery editor is opened has been resolved.
    • Fixed: Loading a project to access Aircraft Debug Windows is no longer required. They are now available in the devmode menu under "Options/Debug Drawing/Aircraft/".


  • Visual Effects Editor
    • New! Material Diffuse & Emissive colors are now available on the particle Output block. They replace AfterBurnerColor1 & 2 for the StaticMesh block.
    • Fixed: Plugging a particle specific computation to a material parameter on the Output block non longer causes the whole graph to be an incorrect and static value.
    • Fixed: GetParticleAttribute, GetGroundAttribute and Color nodes now display the correct output type
    • Fixed: SetScale node now displays the correct input type.
    • Fixed: Opening a VFX after deleting a previous one no longer causes a crash.
    • Fixed: Plugging a graph to an effect wide property no longer causes static invalid values to be cached for particle specific computations (see here for details).
    • Fixed: Double vertical scroll bar in the SimVar units drop-down menu.
    • Fixed: Occasional glitches in ribbon-based FXs rendering.
    • Fixed: Crash when plugging a graph using a GetInstanceAttribute node into a StaticMesh block input.
    • Added: Create, Delete, Rename and Clone effect popups can be validated with Enter and closed with Escape. Input text fields automatically grab keyboard focus.
    • Changed: Properties of the GraphParameter node have shorter names in the graph.
    • Changed: UX improvements to editor popups (Create, Clone, Rename and Delete effect): Enter and Escape keys can be used to cancel/validate the popups and text fields automatically grab focus.
    • Changed: Properties related to specific material codes are hidden when the material used does not match.


  • Scenery Editor
    • Fixed: Inconsistent update of airport upon hiding/unhiding objects has been resolved.
    • Fixed: Hiding/Locking jetways and taxiway parkings now applies the same operation on their children.
    • Fixed: When unhiding an object, it now unhides its parents as well.
    • Fixed: Scenery objects (scenery/simobjects/worldscripts/fx/etc...) that are children of a projected mesh/control tower/jetway are now ignored by the filter by type and the hide/lock by type options to avoid confusion with other scenery objects.
    • Fixed: Improved filter by type and search filter consistency with recursive hierarchy.
    • Fixed: Runway length edition that doesn't move runway starts.
    • Fixed: Runway warning "heading mismatch".
    • Fixed: Undo/redo apron flip UV error.
    • Fixed: Improved undo/redo command.
    • Fixed: Vector placement elevation.
    • Fixed: Custom display name for vectorplacement produce corrupted XML.
    • Fixed: FX object are deprecated, so now can't place new ones anymore.
    • Fixed: The editor wasn't correctly showing element from other packages (aprons, painted lines, control towers...).
    • Fixed: Bugs with polygon point altitudes.
    • Fixed: Airports now correctly update after hiding them.
    • Fixed: Only one gate type and ramp type for taxi parkings.
    • Fixed: Snap on ground for control tower without scenery.
    • Fixed: Carparks can be moved in the air.
    • Fixed: Mesh heading in light rows.
    • Fixed: Conflict between polygons and aprons for vegetation exclusion.
    • Fixed: Car parking update.
    • Fixed: Vegetation update after loading a package that contain a materialLib or biome files.
    • Fixed: Airport not loading when an independent projected mesh is close.
    • Fixed: Sim Objects not taking their given scale into account.
    • Fixed: Inconsistent update of airport upon hiding/unhiding objects.
    • Fixed: POI landmark that are moved when going back to main menu.
    • Fixed: polygon with material rendering when the material is not loaded yet.
    • Fixed: Object focus.
    • Fixed: Jetway links that disappear during edition.
    • Fixed: TIN color correction not correctly applied during edition.
    • Fixed: "add a jetway" button that create invalid jetway.
    • Fixed: Car parking update & optimze vehicle rendering.
    • Fixed: Buildings that never come back when editing jetways.
    • Fixed: Car parking add point and resume edition.
    • Added: Ability to create a path between parking and a taxi point.
    • Added: Link runways and runway-taxipaths automatically.
    • Added: Real time edition for exclusion rectangles.
    • Added: Added a cylinder to visualize control tower positions and allow pickup for towers without scenery.
    • Added: Added "adjust scaling along path" for vector placement.
    • Added: Default taxi edge and taxi center light for light rows.
    • Added: "exclude projected mesh" to exclusion rectangles.
    • Added: Spacing parameter for PAPI.
    • Added: Added a debug window for scenery package order.
    • Changed: Removed irrelevant "Draw before" option from independent projected meshes.
    • Changed: Made the Hide/Lock by type window sorted alphabetically.
    • Changed: Object list and filter by type list are now sorted alphabetically.
    • Changed: Taxi sign objects have their emissive reduced by 50%.
    • Changed: Removed taxisigns exclusion from exclusion rectangles.
    • Changed: Rename deleteAllBlastFences to deleteAllVectorPlacement.
    • Changed: Improved filter by type and search filter consistency with recursive hierarchy.
    • Changed: Use the VFS order for BGL content (ignore content.xml).
    • Changed: Optimized scene tree for large airport.


  • Project Editor
    • Fixed: Icao selector not closing when clicking Cancel has been resolved.
    • Fixed: Airport reloading after building a package.
    • Changed: Force reload of gameplay airports after building BGL package.
    • Changed: No longer copy source .loc files from SimObject folders to built package.


  • NEW! Aircraft Editor
    • Added: The new Aircraft Editor tool has been made public for beta testing. This replaces the old Aircraft Editor which has been deprecated (but can still be used if required). See the documentation here: The Aircraft Editor. The new editor has better handling of CFG files and a complete list of parameters. It no longer corrupts your files, and it's synced with the parameters available in-sim.
    • Changed: Loading a project to access Aircraft Debug Windows is no longer required. They are now available in the devmode menu under "Options > Debug Drawing > Aircraft"


SDK Changes

  • NEW! Updated ASOBO_macro_light glTF schema.
  • NEW! Animation Position can now be used in the sound.xml file to trigger sounds and for RTPCs.
  • Added: A sample for custom RTC animations.
  • Added: A sample for WASM weather API.


  • JS API
    • Fixed: Issue with VOR/NDB name not being returned from facility lookup.
    • Added: SET_NEAREST_EXTENDED_AIRPORT_FILTERS call to enable ability to filter airports by surface type, runway length, approach type, and towered/untowered.
    • Added: Terrain and weather map APIs updated to match new WASM map APIs, including extended color definitions and breakpoints.


  • SimVars
    • Fixed issue where NAV GSI NEEDLE would report lateral instead of vertical deviation when in GPS DRIVES NAV1.


  • SimConnect
    • Fixed: SimConnnect_Close now cleans events, unbound inputs…
    • Fixed: SIMCONNECT_STATE_OFF now disables event.
    • Fixed: SIMCONNECT_WAYPOINT_FLAGS can now be removed.
    • Added: SimConnect_TransmitClientEvent_EX1 function which can trigger Key_Event with multiple arguments.



SDK Release 0.18.1SDK Release 0.18.1

Developer Mode Change

  • General:
    • Fixed cursor issues in cockpit and in devmode
  • Package Builder:
    • Fixed scenery cache refresh when building a package from the DevMode
    • Fixed misleading warnings upon building MarketplaceData for a package
    • Fixed potential crashes when a package contains illegal files in its AirportServices folder

SDK Changes

  • Visual Effects:
    • Fixed calculation of effects bounding box to avoid incorrect culling
    • Fixed crash upon closing the game while a WASM module is being compiled
    • Improved compilation time for WASM modules at first boot


  • NEW! Page describing the Debug Aircraft CFD window has been added.
  • NEW! Page outlining the basics of The Blender Plugin has been added to the External Asset Creation documentation.
  • NEW! The Flight Model Config Definition has the following new parameters documented [AERODYNAMICS] section: CFD_EnableSimulation, CFD_ReinjectBody, CFD_ReinjectRotors, CFD_ReinjectVTailX, CFD_ReinjectHTailY, CFD_AirViscosity, CFD_AirInCompressibility, CFD_VoxelSizeScale, CFD_VoxelNbVoxels, StallDef_StartRatio, StallDef_EndRatio, StallDef_CurvePower, StallDef_minTransition, StallDef_airflowdetachspeed, StallDef_airflowattachspeed, Stall_AileronAddIncidence, Stall_TipAddIncidence, Stall_TipAddTwist, Stall_TipTwistScaleRatio.
  • NEW! The following Engine Config Definition parameters have been documented under the [TURBINEENGINEDATA] section: n2_raw_starter, n2_starter_rate, n2_starter_max_rate.
  • NEW! the following key events have been added to the Aircraft Engine Events documentation: ISOLATE_TURBINE_SET, ISOLATE_TURBINE_ON, ISOLATE_TURBINE_OFF, ISOLATE_TURBINE_TOGGLE.
  • The Creating A Livery Package tutorial has had a refresh to match the current state of the DevMode UI.
  • The pages on Submodel Merging and Babylon Utilities have been updated with some refreshed screenshots and better information regarding unique IDs for nodes when exporting.

SDK release 0.18.0SDK release 0.18.0

Developer Mode Changes

  • Global changes
    • NEW: You can now resize all devmode windows from their borders. Also changed the cursor rendering when hovering over a window border.
  • Scenery editor
    • Changed: Object types in the "Objects" selection window are now alphabetically ordered.
    • Changed: Removed the Profile editor from the Light Support properties, replacing it by two float inputs for start and end altitudes.
    • NEW: "Target Group" option in the right-click "Move To" menu of objects.
    • Changed: The buttons at the bottom of the scenery editor (Duplicate/delete/etc) are now always visible for consistency. The buttons are disabled when not usable instead of being hidden.
    • Fixed: Runways with number 36 no longer have wrong name "Runway 0".
    • Fixed: Hiding and unhiding a projected mesh now works properly.
  • Visual Effects Editor
    • New: Node creation menu has several categories for node, a search filter and alphabetical ordering
    • New: SetScale node to control vector length
    • New: VelocityRotationAxis and VelocityRotationRate particle attributes
    • Fixed: Node creation menu is no longer available when no VFX is opened in the editor
    • Fixed: GravityVector node now takes its input into account to scale its output
  • Aircraft Editor
    • New: Added "Debug CFD" and "Debug Stall" options


  • NEW! The scenery XML documentation has been updated with the new <VisualEffectObject /> element, including a new Effects Objects example.
  • Changes and additions to The Scenery Editor:
    • NEW! Documentation has been added for the new VFX Objects.
    • NEW! Documentation has been added for the new VectorPlacement Objects.
    • Various Object pages have have been updated with an explanation for the new Properties option "Use Low Resolution Altitude".
    • New Keyboard Shortcuts have been documented.
    • LightSupport Objects have updated docs to reflect changes in the way they handle creating slopes.
  • Changes and additions to The Visual Effects Editor:
    • NEW! Documentation has been added for the new SetScale node.
    • NEW! Documentation has been added for the new RandomDirectionInCone note.
    • The StaticMesh block documentation has been updated to show the new colour parameters for that block.
    • Two new attributes have been documented for the GetParticleAttribute node.
  • A new section - Note On Navigation Data - has been added explaining the way updates are applied when editing radio-navigation beacons in airports.
  • NEW! Page on creating Model Attachments has been added to the modeling section, and the relevant XML has also been added to the Model Definitions page. Note that this is in the BETA stage currently.
  • NEW! Submodel Merging documentation has been updated to reflect the entrance into the BETA phase for this feature.
  • The Teleport Window section has been updated to reflect changes to the window.
  • The following SimVars have been given updated information:
  • NEW! The systems.cfg file has been updated with the following new parameters in the [DEICE_SYSTEM] section: windshield_deice_rate, structural_deice_rate.
  • NEW! The flight_model.cfg has been updated with the following new parameters:
    • [CONTACT_POINTS]: allow_stopped_steering
    • [AERODYNAMICS]: fuselage_rigidity, fuselage_inertia.
    • [AIRPLANE_GEOMETRY]: wing_virtualdihedral.
  • NEW! The Panel Config Definition page has been updated with the new [VCockpitN] parameter render_on_screen.
  • NEW! The new WASM Debug window documentation has been added.
  • Minor update to the information supplied for Debugging WASM modules.
  • The Camera Definition Properties page has been updated to change the deprecated NodesToHide parameter to VarToggle.
  • The page on Reverse Polish Notation has been updated to include some missing information from the legacy Microsoft ESP docs that is still relevant.
  • The page for the Visual Effects XML has been updated to include information on the following new nodes: <VisualEffect.SetScale>, <VisualEffect.RandomDirectionInCone>. Also note that the sections on the <VisualEffect.StaticMesh> block and the <VisualEffect.GetParticleAttribute> have been updated with new, additional parameters.
  • Minor update to the documentation for The Console.

SDK release 0.17.1SDK release 0.17.1

SDK changes

  • Samples:
    • The SimvarWatcher sample has been updated.
  • SimConnect:
    • The SimConnect header has been updated with new Waypoint Flags.
  • 3DS Max Plugin:
    • The texture path issue has been fixed.


  • Minor update and refresh to the pages referring to The Project Editor and the Marketplace.

SDK release 0.17.0SDK release 0.17.0

Developer Mode Changes

  • Scenery editor
    • NEW: You can now add a projected mesh without airport parent using the "Independent Projected Mesh" checkbox in the Object selector while adding a new Projected Mesh
    • Fixed: Removed obsolete options (HOLD_SHORT_XXX, XXX_ORTHO, etc) from the Painted Hatched Area 'Type' property.
    • Fixed: Polygon based objects (Painted lines/Area, Aprons, Light row) now have the correct altitude upon loading a Scenery file.
    • Fixed: The right-click popup no longer opens when no object is selected, to avoid conflict with some camera controls (e.g. top-down camera uses right-click to zoom).
    • Fixed: Rectangular aprons now update properly after rotating them and undoing the rotation (Ctrl+Z).
    • Fixed: Making a rotation of a squared apron is now cumulative with the rotation of its texture to avoid weird jumps of rotation when changing both the rotation of the apron and the rotation of the texture.
    • Fixed: Added missing "Projected Mesh exported with Scaling" warning.
    • Fixed: Control towers now keeps correct hierarchy level (parent group and order in group) and custom name upon saving and loading Scenery file. Children of ControlTower objects are now locked for more consistency and coherence.
    New Hierarchy System in Scenery Editor
    Main changes:

    Please check the official documentation about how to use the groups efficiently: Scenery Groups

    Quality of life improvements:
    • Reworked the group object, to make it more flexible and intuitive to use. You can now make recursive groups for any objects, even those outside of airports.
    • Removed the automatic grouping by type for the first level objects ("Scenery", "Airports", "Polygon", etc nodes). You can now make this hierarchy yourself by creating groups and then name, order and organized them as you want.
    • New "Create Legacy Hierarchy" button in the filter menu to recreate the previous grouped by type hierarchy, but using the new group system.
    • You can now open the Rename popup by pressing Enter while an object is selected, and also confirm the renaming by pressing Enter once again. The text is selected by default when opening the popup. This way the workflow is smoother (select and object, press Enter, type the new name, press Enter).
    • Drag and drop for reordering items and change their parent group.
    • Error messages when using the Editor are more explicit and detailed.
    • New widgets at the top of the scenery editor to see which types we are currently filtering by and remove them quickly.
    • Search bars in the Object window are now cleared when you change object type.
    • Removed unused space at the bottom of the Scenery Editor
  • Visual Effects Editor
    • The tool is no longer in beta
    • Removed trailing dashes in node/block creation list
    • New: After duplicating or copy-pasting nodes in the graph, the new nodes are automatically selected
    • New: The Rename action has been added to the File menu
    • Fixed: Node GetGroundAttribute can no longer have "Position" child properties
    • Fixed: Node deletion no longer deletes links outside of the selection
    • Fixed: Cloning an effect no longer replaces non-default material GUIDs in Output block
    • Fixed: The unit drop down menu in the SimVar node now lists all units and their various names
    • Fixed: Visual Effects now work properly after a block has been unlinked, then linked again
    • Fixed: No crash when disconnecting one of several Emitter blocks connected to a VisualEffect block when the effect is spawned
    • Fixed: SimObjects listed in the Spawn tab of the Template Instances/Debugger window now show a name instead of a number
    • Fixed: Visual Effect name no longer displayed large and blurry in the Spawn tab of the Template Instances/Debugger window
    • Fixed: Selection highlight feedback no longer mismatches the node selection after certain manipulations
  • Statistics Profiler
    • New column Total Vertex Count which shows the sum of Static vertex count and Skinned vertex count. This total is the one used by the Vertex/MaxVertex Ratio column.
    • Guidelines (Red cell + tooltip) for models with too many vertices switched from the Static vertex count column to the Total vertex count column.
    • New option to hide objects that have no active occurrences in the hiding dropdown menu.


  • IMPORTANT! With this release the documentation structure and layout has been streamlined and improved, with some pages being moved to different sections, some sections being removed entirely, and the general "look" of things getting an overhaul to make the documentation visually coherent with other Microsoft Flight Simulator sites. This should improve access to the relevant information by providing additional tools that can be used when browsing the different sections and pages, thus making the documentation easier and more intuitive to use. You can find full details of the new functionality and options here: Using This Manual.
    NOTE: This change means that previously saved links may no longer function.
  • IMPORTANT! The initial pages for the new How To Make An Aircraft tutorial have been added. This is a WIP tutorial that will cover all aspects of aircraft creation in detail. The online version of this document may be updated between SDK releases as new material is added (offline versions of the document will only be updated with the regular SDK updates). Note that some information that was previously in the External Asset Creation documentation has been moved into this tutorial to prevent duplication of information and to keep everything related to aircraft in one single, easy to find, place.
  • IMPORTANT! The Scenery Editor has been updated to make grouping elements a lot more intuitive to use and as such the documentation has been edited to reflect these changes. See the Scenery Groups section for more information. The documentation also has a new section that outlines the Warnings And Errors feature of the editor.
  • NEW! A PID Primer has been created and added to the Samples, Schemas, Tutorials and Primers section.
  • NEW! A page outlining the Wwise Licence Information has been added to the Sounds section (other pages in this section have had minor updates/corrections too).
  • NEW! Additional debug options have been added to the Options menu:
    • Debug OSM Powerlines
    • Debug OSM Feature Points
  • NEW! Samples pages have been updated with sections for:
    • SimpleProjectedMesh
    • WindsockSample
    • StandaloneModule
  • NEW! Animated Materials have been documented in the 3DS Max section.
  • NEW! Major update to the following pages related to the Aircraft Editor:
    • The Aircraft Editor
    • Menus
    • Aircraft Debug Menu
  • NEW! A page has been added to the section on The 3DS Max Plugin that covers the Material Tools window.
  • NEW! GPS Variables have been documented.
  • The SimvarWatcher documentation has been updated to reflect changes and improvements with the tool.
  • Coming LOD System Changes (PC and Xbox) has had a minor update to explain a further change to the way screen size is calculated, and the LODs page has a new section on LOD Animation. Note that the "XBox LODS" option has been removed from both the IDE and the Documentation, as the updated LOD minsize rules mean it is no longer necessary.
  • The modelling General Principles page has a new section on the Babylon Animation Groups.
  • The page on The Aircraft Thumbnail Capture Tool has been updated to reflect the changes and improvements with that tool.
  • The Scenery Editor "tower" object page has been updated to reflect the name change to ControlTower Objects, and now explains how to create Procedural ControlTowers.
  • The option to permit ProjectedMesh Objects to be created outside of airports has been documented.
  • The Flight Definitions page has had multiple sections updated:
    • [FuelSystem.N]: NEW! This is a new section related to the modern fuel system.
    • [Hydraulic Parameters.N.i]: NEW! This section has been added to control hydraulic pressure for engine and electric pumps.
    • [Controls.N]: The following new parameters have been added to the documentation - TailwheelLock, NosewheelLock.
    • [Engine Parameters.N.i]: The following new parameters have been added to the documentation - CorrectedFF.
  • The Flight Model Config Definition has had the following changes and additions:
    • [AIRPLANE_GEOMETRY]: The following parameters have been added to the documentation - elevator_trim_up_limit, elevator_trim_down_limit.
    • [AERODYNAMICS]: The following parameter descriptions have been updated - elevator_scaling_table, aileron_scaling_table, rudder_scaling_table, aero_center_lift.
    • [FLAPS.N]: The following new parameters have been added - flaps-position-inhibit-or.i, flaps-position-inhibit-and.i.
    • [FLIGHT_TUNING]: The following parameters has been added - wingflex_surface_scalar, wing_engine_wash.
  • The Systems Config Definition page has had the following updates:
    • [AUTOPILOT]: The following new parameters have been added to the documentation - auto_disengage_with_pilot_input, basic_modes_disengage_with_FBW, no_alt_capture_in_vs_mode, pitch_use_elevator_only.
    • [BRAKES]: The following new parameters have been added - autobrakes_disabled_on_stop, rto_disabled_on_stop.
    • [LIGHTS]: The light definition hash-map has had the Index key documented.
  • The Engine Config Definition page has had the following updates:
    • [PROPELLER]: The following new parameters have been added - prop_mod_use_modern, prop_mod_use_absorbed_torque, prop_mod_aspect_ratio, prop_mod_lift_slope_cf, prop_mod_aoa_twist_delta_deg, prop_mod_aoa_lift_delta_deg, prop_mod_stall_aoa_scaler, prop_mod_stall_aoa_power, prop_mod_beta_def_at_ratio, prop_mod_lift_efficiency_cf, prop_mod_zero_lift_drag_cf, prop_mod_reverse_left, prop_mod_reverse_right, prop_mod_reverse_centre, prop_mod_ang_offset_left, prop_mod_ang_offset_right, prop_mod_ang_offset_centre, prop_mod_moment_scalar_pitch, prop_mod_moment_scalar_yaw, prop_mod_moment_scalar_roll.
  • The Cockpit Config Definition has updated the [MISC] section with the new parameter hud_speed_in_mach.
  • The Camera Definition Properties page has an updated description.
  • The Panel Config Definition has the following changes:
    • NEW! The [VARIATION] section has been added to the documentation (this includes an update to the Creating A Livery Package tutorial).
    • The "hud" parameter definition in the [VCockpitN] section has been updated.
  • The Model Animation Definitions page has been updated to include information on the <Update> element and the <Layer> element.
  • The File Formats page has been updated with additional information.
  • A link to the Wwise 101 Tutorial has been added to the Sounds page.
  • The page for WASM Token Variables has been updated and given an Index.
  • The following new Event IDs have been added: COM_1_SPACING_MODE_SWITCH, COM_2_SPACING_MODE_SWITCH, COM_3_SPACING_MODE_SWITCH.

SDK release 0.16.0SDK release 0.16.0

Developer Mode Changes

  • 3DS Max Plugin
    • The plugin now no longer shows an index error when opening a version of 3DS Max below 2019.3.
    • An issue with the DrawOrder Extension has been fixed. Previously a DrawOrder less than 0 wasn't valid while now it's fine.
    • The bug where the pearlscent extension was exported with a glass material when set in the standard material has been fixed.

  • General
    • NEW! The Replay system can be activated via the devmode on PC only, see Enable Replay Panel for information on how to do this. More info on the Replay Panel here:
    • Fixed: Exporting to the Community folder
    • Fixed: "Remove Package" and "Remove Asset Group" buttons in Package Editor / Inspector
    • Fixed: Various UI issues in Project Editor
    • Fixed: Conflict between the drone camera and the developer camera - now the two options are mutually exclusive
    • Fixed: Arbitrary limits for electrical component definitions have been removed
    • Fixed: ArtProj asset groups are now automatically converted to ModelLib upon loading a project
    • Fixed: A flight could be started even if wasm module and/or wasm gauge weren't loaded (especially if a flight is restarted)
    • Fixed: fspackagetool.exe not displaying console Flight Simulator's output
    • Added: Two new commands for the fspackagetool.exe:
      • -outputtoseparateconsole : allow users to have Flight Simulator output to a separate console
      • -nopause : Prevent Flight Simulator from pausing at the end of the process
    • Added: Draw debug helipads
    • Added: Debug OSM point features
    • Added: Top down camera option
    • Added: Aircraft Thumbnail Capture tool. Allows you to customise and capture aircraft thumbnails
    • Added: Improved teleport window
    • Added: The ability to select of the default VR API used (Fake or OpenXR) in the Options menu
    • Added: More data validation for invalid and out-of-bounds Color and UV data, to help avoid rendering issues such as black screen flickering during the Package tool
    • "Advance Capture" button in Package Inspector has been replaced with a button which opens the Aircraft Thumbnail Capture tool
    • Re-enabled the following SimConnect Key Events: KEY_AILERON_RIGHT, KEY_AILERON_LEFT, KEY_ELEVATOR_UP, KEY_ELEVATOR_DOWN
    • Xbox Lod Selection mode will be replaced by the new model LOD limits system. Since they are exclusive, the UI now reflects this by disabling the Xbox Lod Selection Mode when the new model LOD limits are activated
    • Improved the export window interface in the Project editor

  • Material Editor
    • NEW! Additional Parameters linked to the selected material code can now be edited through the Material Editor
    • Fixed: Random crash in Material Editor when building a package
    • Fixed: Old material files are now properly deleted upon renaming a material through the Material Editor"
    • Fixed: random textures flickering in Material Editor

  • Visual Effects Editor
    • NEW! GroundDirection node - returns directions relative to the plane orientation projected on the ground. See documentation here
    • NEW! Added a StaticMesh node
    • NEW! Primitive type GroundRibbon available in the Output Block which will create a fixed orientation ribbon that follows the orientation of the ground
    • Fixed: Crash when closing a document after moving then deleting a node
    • Fixed: Corrupted node positions in graph when cloning an FX
    • Fixed: Node graph display issues after creating a new effect
    • Fixed: Issue with new effect creation when there are unsaved modifications on the currently opened document. It will now display the usual confirmation popup
    • Fixed: Particle emission flow has been edited to get a more stable emission and particle count with high rates and velocities
    • Fixed: Bugs in the Bezier Curve editor, along with major UX/UI improvements, including being able to use Shift+Click to add a point
    • Fixed: Obsolete properties are no longer shown in node graph inspector
    • Fixed: The deformation shader
    • The Output node of the Visual Effects Editor now exposes extra material parameters
    • Added a constraint on the name when creating or renaming a visual effect
    • Node graph inspector shows more user friendly names when possible for properties that can be added and removed in blocks
    • Allow spawning Visual Effects with no node and no contact point setup. The effect will spawn attached to the root node of the object

  • Scenery editor
    • NEW! Added road, street light and power lines exclusion to polygons.
    • NEW! Added power line debug
    • Fixed: You can now resume edition of an apron when there is a spline
    • Fixed: Light will now update when moving a taxipoint
    • Fixed: Floating objects that take too much time to be snapped
    • Fixed: DEM updates when terraforming
    • Fixed: Floating taxipoint
    • Fixed (and improved): The Color Extractor tool
    • Fixed: glTF textures not updated automatically
    • Fixed: Gizmo is now disabled while editing heightmaps
    • Added airport checks
    • Added taxiways connectivity checks.
    • Added hold-short orientation markers
    • Added more color for taxiparkings and taxipaths
    • Making the Hide and lock by type window a subwindow instead of a popup to be able to dock it

  • Aircraft editor
    • Cylinder displacement now correctly converted to cubic inches in the AircraftEditor

  • Behaviors
    • The electrical system has been added to the Behaviors Debug window
    • Improvements to the usability of the Behaviors Window
    • Addition of ParametersFn feature to model behaviors
    • Addition of Process="String" to process a parameter as a string using RPN


  • NEW! The Aircraft Thumbnail Capture Tool has been documented.
  • NEW! DevMode Options menu page now documents the Default VR API setting to permit testing of VR without having an actual VR head mounted display.
  • NEW! The new Manage Windows option has been documented for the [DevMode] menu.
  • NEW! The Top Down Camera option has been documented along with its controls.
  • NEW! The <Behaviors> documentation has had the following updates to explain the new "Parameter Function" feature:
    • Parameter Functions - Documentation explaining the new functionality for defining "XML functions" that can be called in the model behavior templates.
    • <ParametersFn> - Section explaining the new XML element responsible for parameter functions.
    • Parameter Function Example - New example outlining how parameter functions can be used.
  • NEW! The Visual Effects Editor has had the following Blocks, Nodes and parameters added to the documentation:
    • StaticMesh - Block that can be added to the Visual Effect to spawn a static mesh. The XML for this block has also been documented: <VisualEffect.StaticMesh>
    • GroundDirection - Node for getting a direction vector based on a projected position/orientation from the aircraft.
    • Output - The documentation has been updated to explain the new Ground Ribbons primitive type, as well as the new material-dependent output properties.
  • NEW! VR support documentation has been updated with the following pages:
    • The new [VR] section has been added to the Aircraft Config Definition.
    • The Aircraft Cockpit asset creation page has a new section on Yoke/Stick Controls With Hand Gestures
  • NEW! The Package Tool has new output parameters documented: -outputtoseparateconsole, -nopause.
  • NEW! The Defining A Flight Model page now links to an Excel file in the Gathering Data section that can be used to prepare the values required by the different aircraft *.cfg parameters.
  • NEW! The 3DS Max Plugin section has a new page on setting up and using Containers, and the page on Babylon Utilities has been updated and expanded.
  • NEW! RTPC And Simulation Variables has been updated with the ENV_MACH_CONE_DEGREE and ENV_MACH_CONE_ZONE RTPC parameters, and the <MiscellaneousSounds> section has the new SONIC_BOOM WwiseEvent documented.
  • The Scenery Editor has had the following changes documented:
    • NEW! CarParking Object has been added to The Scenery Editor documentation.
    • NEW! The Color Extractor tool has been documented after being improved and re-added to the scenery editor.
    • NEW! The ability to exclude roads, street-lights, and powerlines using Polygon Objects has been documented.
    • TaxiwayPoint Objects documentation now shows the direction of the hold-short type point.
    • TaxiwayPath Objects documentation explains the different colours used by the various path types.
    • TaxiwayParking Objects documentation explains the different colours used by the various parking types, and now also covers the Has 3D Mesh option for the FUEL parking type.
    • The Objects window documentation has been updated to reflect the changes that have been made to that window.
    • The addition of a stand-alone Hide/Lock By Type window has been added to the documentation.
  • The Material Editor section on the The Material Inspector has been updated to include new Types.
  • Multiple Aircraft Configuration Files have been updated with default values for parameters that are not required.
  • Engine Config Definition has had multiple parameters updated with greatly improved information, now shows the actual parameters used in the equations (where possible), and also includes a new Note On Corrected Values.
  • Flight Model Config Definition has had multiple parameters updated with greatly improved information, and the following new parameters have been added:
    • [REFERENCE SPEEDS]: best_single_engine_rate_of_climb_speed, minimum_control_speed.
    • The [FLAPS] section has been removed and the [FLAPS.N] section updated. Previously this was erroneously documented.
  • Systems Config Definition has the following additions and changes:
    • [AUTOPILOT]: auto_throttle_hold_vs.
  • Aircraft Config Definition has the following additions and changes:
    • [IKCHAINS]: This section for "connecting" pilots/copilots to the controls of the aircraft has been documented.
    • [VR]: This section for setting up VR controls has been documented.
  • Aircraft Radio Navigation Variables have had the following SimVars added to the documentation: COM_ACTIVE_FREQ_IDENT, COM_ACTIVE_FREQ_TYPE, COM_LATLONALT, COM_STANDBY_FREQ_IDENT, COM_STANDBY_FREQ_TYPE

SDK release 0.15.0SDK release 0.15.0

Developer Mode Changes

  • DevMode
    The following general changes have been made when using DevMode:
    • New! Added a way to switch between GDI and NanoVG rendering for XML Gauges on PC. The switch can be found in the DevMode Options menu - Use NanoVG for XML Gauges.
    • Fixed: the previously incorrect handling of the undo stack - that would prevent it from closing at all - specifically when trying to close a tool with some saved and some unsaved changes.
    • The Roboto font has been applied to all ImGui windows in DevMode.

  • Scenery Editor
    The following new features have been added to the Scenery Editor:
    • New! A "Copy" button has been added next to the GUIDs in the Properties window of a scenery object, enabling you to quickly copy the GUID to the clipboard.
    • New! The hide/lock dropdown menu of the Scenery Editor now has an "All" option, allowing you to quickly hide/lock/unhide/unlock all the objects in the scene.
    • New! Polygon object has additional options for tiling, rotation, coloration, falloff and opacity in relation to applied materials.
    • New! Aprons have new "flipUV" and "offsetUV" for their applied material.
    • New! Taxiway Parking objects have a new "Has 3D Mesh" checkbox in the Properties window (when the type is FUEL) for users to decide if they want to generate a fuel mesh for this parking spot.
    • New! Major change to the Objects window to show 2 columns - one for packages and one for actual objects from selected packages. Navigating this window should now be simpler and more efficient.
    The following fixes to existing features have been performed:
    • Hotfix: :Fixed Projected Meshes not being visible while using the Scenery Editor. Now the LOD 0 is always loaded, so you can see and edit the Projected Mesh properly.
    • Projected Meshes can now be selected by clicking on them directly in the scene, and their rendering has been optimised.
    • Airport groups are now displayed properly in the main Scenery Editor window.
    • The game no long crashes when trying to move an airport group that has components with error/warning.
    • Users will no longer see a "ghost" of the object in the current scene when unchecking "One-click placing" checkbox in the Objects window.
    • A fix has been add to the Airports being rendered rendered pink sometimes due to an invalid material.
    • Sim object bounding boxes have been fixed.
    • Gizmo window can no longer be edited if no item is selected or only locked items are selected.
    • Using "Generate Taxiway Signs" will no longer crash the simulation when the package is not built.
    The following obsolete features have been removed:
    • The "SOLID_DASHED" edge lines option in the Taxiway Path object properties has been removed as it was doing the same thing as "SOLID".
    • All the sub-edition options (add/remove points, subdivide edge, etc) from the Squared Apron right-click menu have been removed since squared aprons cannot be edited in this way.
    • Taxiway Path objects have had various irrelevant material optrions removed, eg: tire mark, end cap, tire gum, etc... Now only "Base Tiled", "Border", and "Center" are available.
    • The obsolete "Scripts" section of the TaxiwayParking properties is no longer visible to the user.

  • Statistics Profiler
    • The "LOD Count" column has been removed, and the "LOD" column has been updated to be "LOD / LOD Count - 1", for simplification.
    • 5 new columns have been added that are necessary for the LOD limits profiling. Please see this section of the documentation for more information: IMPORTANT! Coming LOD System Changes (PC and Xbox)

  • Visual Effects Editor
    Important! Coordinate systems have been standardized for positions and velocities. They now use the same system, ECEF world or local, depending on a single parameter. This means that:
    • Position and rotation offsets are now always expressed in the space local to the attachment (node or contact point).
    • AttachToEmitterTranslation/Rotation parameters in the Emitter block has been replaced by EmitInLocalSpace.
    The following new features have been added:
    • New! The GetInstanceAttribute node now has an "Age" attribute. This returns the time passed in seconds since the emitter has started emitting.
    • New! Graph Parameters have been introduced. These allow you to specify some RPN code in a model behavior to be executed in a visual effect using the new GraphParameter node.
    • New! Duplication, Deletion, Copy & Paste shortcuts are now available in the node graph editor. Copy and Paste is also supported across documents.
    • New! LocalDirection node to initialize position and velocities relative to your local space for effects that live in world space.
    The following changes and fixes have also been implemented:
    • Clamping of manual inputs in the node graph is now handled properly.
    • Contact point offsets displayed in the Spawner tab are converted from feet to meters to match offset input.
    • "New Document", "Undo" and "Redo" shortcuts now work properly.

  • SDK Changes
    • 3DS Max Plugin: Restricted "Pearl" parameters to Standard material type only.


  • IMPORTANT! Coming changes to the LOD system have been documented, along with options to prepare for the changes and study their effect within the simulation. See here for more information: IMPORTANT! Coming LOD System Changes (PC and Xbox)
  • IMPORTANT! Changes to how glass materials are processed have been documented. See the sections on Glass and Draw Order for more information.
  • NEW! Documentation has been added to explain how to setup Biomes And Vegetation, including the following pages:
    • Species Definitions
    • Biome Definitions
    • Biome And Species Examples
  • NEW! A section on Texture Arrays (related to the new Biomes And Vegetation documentation) has been added to the Material Editor page.
  • NEW! Documentation has been added for the available Environment Variables when using Reverse Polish Notation.
  • NEW! Simulation Variable Units has been fully updated and now contains complete information on all SimVar units.
  • NEW! The entire Simulation Variables section (and sub-sections) has been re-written and now lists all the SimVars available, along with mostly complete information for each of them (updates will be ongoing and listed in future release notes). Note that this includes previously undocumented SimVars (like Camera Variables) as well as some new ones that have been recently added.
  • NEW! Event IDs have been updated and has also been split into separate pages within the documentation to make navigation easier (updates will be ongoing and listed in future release notes). Note that this includes previously undocumented Event IDs (like Fuel System) as well as some new ones that have been recently added.
  • NEW! The following additions and new features for Visual Effects have been documented:
    • A Visual Effects Templates page has been created to illustrate how to use the VFX system with some commonly used model <Behavior> templates.
    • The section on Using Visual Effects has been updated with improved information.
    • The new ColorSpaceConversion node has been documented, along with the corresponding <VisualEffect.ColorSpaceConversion> XML.
    • The new GraphParameter node has been documented, along with the corresponding <VisualEffect.GraphParameter> XML, and an example of the model behaviors XML required to use this node has been added here: Example Using Graph Parameters
    • The new LocalDirection node has been documented, along with the corresponding <VisualEffect.LocalDirection> XML.
    • The new Color node has been documented, along with the corresponding <VisualEffect.Color> XML.
    • New "Age" parameter for the GetInstanceAttribute node has been documented.
  • NEW! The Aircraft Cockpit asset creation page has been updated with details of the Environment Occluder mesh, along with additional information about the different Collision Meshes.
  • NEW! The Aircraft Texture Mapping page has been updated with a section on FLAGS.
  • NEW! The Display Position window has been documented.
  • NEW! The [DevMode] Options page has been updated with information on the following new options:
    • Collisions
    • Fast WASM Compilation
    • Use NanoVG for XML Gauges.
  • NEW! Force User LOD 0 has been added to the Debug LODs window to permit you to enable/disable the forced LOD0 for user aircraft.
  • NEW! The Custom Capture Window has been documented as part of the Marketplace Item Thumbnail(s) section.
  • NEW! A primer for using Input Events has been added: Creating Interactions Using InputEvents. Note that this primer also includes new downloadable examples to study.
  • NEW! CarParking Object has been added to The Scenery Editor documentation.
  • NEW! Sample project SoundAircraft showing how to add basic cockpit sound effects has been documented and the main samples page has been updated to also mention the glTF Schemas supplied with the SDK.
  • The Behaviors Debug window page has been updated to reflect changes and additional functionality, in particular with reference to debugging Input Events.
  • The entire set of pages for The Scenery Editor - including those of the different placeable objects - have been updated to reflect the current state of the editor, and the following objects have some new options added to their pages:
    • Apron Objects have been updated to include the new options related to UV mapping: Texture Offset U and Texture Offset V.
    • Runway Objects have been updated to include the options ILS and Runway Start.
    • ProjectedMesh Objects have been updated with Notes On Snow Coverage.
  • The Virtual File System page has been updated to reflect changes to that window, including buttons to open the Community Folder and Official (OneStore) folder.
  • The <Exclusions> element (and <Exclusion> sub-element) have been removed from the documentation of the WPR files. These elements were included in the documentation by mistake and do not work. A better method for excluding weathers will be released in a future update.
  • The Airports debug menu documentation has been updated to include the new option to debug Runway ILS.
  • The page for The Console has been updated to reflect changes made to this window.
  • The Checklists content configuration pages has been updated to include the following:
    • Details of the Asobo default checklist in the XML files section.
    • A new Automatic Action (Copilot) Example
  • The Debug LODs page has been updated with information about the new options related to debugging the coming LOD system changes.
  • The Statistics Profiler page has been updated with information about the new options related to debugging the coming LOD system changes.
  • The following additions to The Project Editor documentation have been made:
    • You can create marketplace previews for add-ons, and this has been explained in the Preview The Marketplace Data section.
    • New project menu options have been documented: Save As and Open Recent.
  • The following 3Ds Max pages have been updated:
    • Material Tools has been updated with improved information and a better overall structure.
    • The 3DS Max Plugin page has been updated with information on the internal utilities menu, as well as advice on how to clear the user preferences cache should there be any issue when updating the SDK.
    • Notes On Vertex Alpha (No Longer needed?) have been added, particularly in reference to icing on aircraft.
    • Lights has been updated with extra information related to omni-directional lights.
  • Panel Config Definition has been fully updated to include information on all the available parameters in all available sections.
  • Checklist Definitions has been updated with information on the <OnlyIf> element, and the <Action /> element has had the "Code" attribute documented.
  • Engine Config Definition been updated with new parameters, some previously undocumented parameters, and additional information on existing parameters, all in the following sections:
    • [PISTON_ENGINE]: induction_air_temp_tc, manifold_efficiency_table, rpm_to_oil_pressure_table, rpm_to_fuel_pressure_table, carb_heat_delta_temp, single_magneto_efficiency, oil_temp_to_oil_pressure_table, shaft_torque_tc, recip_stop_arc_restitution, recip_stop_arc_max_pct_rpm, recip_stop_arc_friction_factor, recip_stop_arc_degrees, egt_factor_from_pct_power, egt_delta_from_mixture_ratio, starter_time, prop_lever_pos_to_oil_pressure_delta_table, oil_temp_factor_from_rpm, min_required_rpm, rpm_on_cht_table, cht_liquid_max_cooling, detonation_onset, new_supercharged, supercharger_boost, supercharger_power_cost, supercharger_boost_low_end, supercharger_boost_high_end, supercharger_altitude_gear.N, supercharger_boost_high_end_gear.N, supercharger_boost_low_end_gear.N, emergency_boost_duration, emergency_boost_can_be_stopped, emergency_boost_throttle_threshold, emergency_boost_mp_damage, oil_coolant_flaps_effect, radiator_coolant_flaps_effect, manifold_pressure_regulator, manifold_pressure_regulator_threshold, manifold_pressure_regulator_tc, carb_icing_sensiblity.
    • [TURBINEENGINEDATA]: ignition_auto_type, min_n1_for_combustion, min_n2_for_combustion, min_n1_for_starter_cutoff, min_n2_for_starter_cutoff, bleed_air_on_n2_tc, N1_to_oil_pressure_table, min_n2_for_apu_bleed_air_cutoff, n2_and_mach_to_epr_table, use_old_fuelflow_simvar, use_n2_to_n1_table, n2_to_n1_table, use_commanded_Ne_Table, use_corrected_N2_from_FF_table, corrected_n2_from_ff_table, afterburner_on_thrust_table, density_on_ff_table, RPM_on_TP_torque_table, JET_density_on_ff_table, idle_high_fuel_flow, high_idle_n1, fuel_flow_max_itt_factor, fuel_flow_min_itt_factor, n1_cooling_factor.
    • [TURBOPROP_ENGINE]: torque_automatic_limit.
    • [PROPELLER]: min_n1_for_autofeather_armed, max_pct_torque_for_autofeather_actuated, min_eng_rpm_engage_prop, prop_disengage_tc, feathering_switches, prop_uselegacytables, prop_falloffcoef, prop_falloffpower, prop_lowbetareduction, prop_lowbetareductionmid, power_propeller_absorbed_cf, advance_ratio_on_effective_beta, max_n1_for_autofeather_actuated, prop_scalepowerabs , prop_effminval, prop_effmaxsmooth.
    • [GENERALENGINEDATA]: min_fuel_press_for_combustion_psf, requires_priming, starter_type, accumulated_time_hobbs_min_pct_rpm, accumulated_time_hobbs_min_knots.
    • [ANTIDETONATION_SYSTEM.N]: reservoir_size, flow_rate, reservoir_position, max_mp_compensate.
    • [NITROUS_SYSTEM.N]: reservoir_size, flow_rate, mp_boost.
  • Systems Config Definition has been updated with some previously undocumented parameters, along with additional information on existing parameters, in the following sections:
    • [AUTOPILOT]: auto_max_bank, flc_proportional_control, flc_integrator_control, flc_derivative_control, flc_integrator_boundary, flc_derivative_boundary, max_altitude_ref, min_vertical_speed_ref, max_vertical_speed_ref, min_IAS_ref, max_IAS_ref, min_Mach_ref, max_Mach_ref, min_feet_for_ap, min_flight_time_for_ap, alt_mode_slot_index, auto_max_bank_table, auto_max_bank_min_alt, auto_max_bank_min_alt_angle, altitude_english_slow_increment, altitude_english_fast_increment, altitude_english_fastest_increment, altitude_metric_slow_increment, altitude_metric_fast_increment, altitude_metric_fastest_increment, metric_VS_increment, english_VS_increment, IAS_slow_increment, IAS_fast_increment, IAS_fastest_increment, mach_increment, flc_min_pitch_low_alt, flc_min_low_alt_limit, min_feet_for_athr, hdg_ref_var. Many other parameters have been given updated information too.
    • [RADIOS]: TransponderDefault.
    • [VACUUM_SYSTEM]: suction_min, suction_gain.
    • [ELECTRICAL] (these are legacy parameters supplied for completeness but not to be used except in legacy FSX aircraft): navcom1, navcom2, navcom3, battery_capacity_pct_to_voltage, battery_max_capacity_amph, battery_charging_current, apu_pct_rpm_per_second.
    • [LIGHTS]: The lightdef parameter has been updated to link to the appropriate corresponding SimVars.
    • [GEAR_WARNING_SYSTEM]: gear_warning_available, pct_throttle_limit, flap_limit_idle, flap_limit_power.
  • Flight Model Config Definition has been updated with some previously undocumented parameters and sections:
    • [AUTOPILOT]: spoiler_disabled_by_flaps, auto_spoiler_auto_retracts.
    • [ALPHA PROTECTION] (New!): off_limit, off_yoke_limit, on_limit, on_goal, timer_trigger.
    • (New!): flaps-position-inhibit.N, flaps-position-autoretract.N, flaps-position-maneuvering.N, flaps-position-speed-factor.N, flaps-position-speed-override-above.N, flaps-position-speed-override-above.N, altitude-limit.
    • [FLAPS.N]: flaps-sequence-increasing, flaps-sequence-decreasing, system_type_index. The parameter flaps-position.N has also been updated with new input values.
    • [CONTACT_POINTS]: locked_tailwheel_max_range.
    • [FUEL_SYSTEM]: Each of the parameters for the new aircraft fuel system has been fully documented, and correlating SimVars and Key Events have been linked.
    • [FLIGHT_TUNING]: rudder_engine_wash_on_roll.
    • : presspt_fwb_Alpha0_pMAC, presspt_fwb_AlphaStall_pMAC, presspt_fwb_AlphaHiStall_pMAC.
  • Flight Definitions page has been updated with information for the following sections:
    • [Engine Parameters.N.i]: FuelPumpSwitch_EX1, IgnitionSwitch, FuelPressurePSF.
    • [BleedAir.N]: BleedAirSource, EngineAirBleed.1, EngineAirBleed.2, EngineAirBleed.3, EngineAirBleed.4, APUAirBleed
    • [Switches.N]: Correlating SimVars have been linked for all settings
    • [Electrical.N]: bus.N, circuit.N, battery.N, alternator.N
    • [AutoPilot.N]: AutopilotDisengaged
    • [LocalVars.N]: Support for per-aircraft persistent local variables has been added.
  • AI Config Definition page has been updated with information for the following sections:
    • [TAKEOFF], [LANDING], [WAYPOINT], and [SIMPLIFIEDSIM]: All parameters for these sections have been updated with complete information and default values.
    • [SIMPLIFIEDSIM]: This section has also has the following new parameters - pitchAccelerationPerFrame, bankAccelerationPerFrame, headingAccelerationPerFrame.
  • Cockpit Config Definition has had the following sections updated: [ATTITUDE_INDICATORS], [TURN_INDICATORS], [DIRECTION_INDICATORS], [AIRSPEED_INDICATORS], [ALTIMETERS], [ANEMOMETERS]. A new section relating to the Glass Cockpit Settings Struct has also been added. This page is a work-in-progress and will receive further updates over time.
  • Camera Definition Properties has been updated with some previously undocumented parameters: NoSortTitle, InstancedBased, Transition, CycleHideRadius, ChaseDistance, ChaseHeading, ChaseAltitude, ChaseTime, ChaseDistanceAdjustRate, PanAcceleratorTime, HotKeySelect, XYZRate, XYZAcceleratorTime. Also note that SubCategoryItem has a new potential value - "PilotVR".
  • Flight Plan Definitions has been updated to give complete details of the [Weather] section of the file.
  • Aircraft Config Definition has updated information for the [PILOT] section and expanded Notes On Air Traffic, as well as a new parameter canBeUsedByAITraffic.
  • Living Things Config Definition has been updated with a List Of Included Pilot/Copilot/Instructor SimObjects.
  • SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType has been updated with the correct information.
  • SimConnect_SetNotificationGroupPriority has been updated with the correct information.

SDK release 0.14.1SDK release 0.14.1

SDK Changes
  • The 3DS Max glTF exporter has been updated.
  • Samples:
    • The Windsock sample has been updated.
    • The Wwise Sample Project has been updated.

SDK release 0.14.0SDK release 0.14.0

  • ModelBehavior parser changes:
    • Many partial string comparisons were replaced by hash comparisons. E.g. <Component> works as expected, but <ComponentOops>, which used to work, does not anymore.
    • Many settings no longer accept parameters as attributes, only elements (nodes). Note that our model behavior definitions did not undergo any changes because of this, we only updated the parser. This includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:
      • IMDefault & IMDrag: HelpID, TooltipID, Cursor, CursorUp, CursorDown, CursorLeft, CursorRight, CursorCenter, CursorCenterRadius.
      • MouseRect: Variable, Units, Scale, Bias, XScale, YScale, ZScale, MinValue, MaxValue, EventID, IsRelative.
  • High quality flag is not set by default anymore for AO/Roughness/Metal (COMP) textures.
Developer Mode Changes
  • Fixed crash when a DevMode window gains focus during a game UI transition (install check, flight intro, quit menu, pause etc.).
  • Added a position debug window.
  • Console icons are now properly reloaded after icons package has been mounted.
  • Project Editor:
    • Fixed crash when deleting Scenery Editor's currently loaded asset group's parent package.
    • Fixed soft block when naming a package or an asset group with an already existing one's name, and if the user does not want to overwrite the existing element.
    • Fixed bad default business data asset group path.
    • Fixed crashes when creating/renaming package with long company-package names.
    • Fixed new project not added to recent projects list.
    • Fixed custom wizard not closing when creating a non-templated asset group.
    • Fixed asset group output path different from asset path.
    • Added overwrite warning prompt when creating a project.
    • Added asset group path generation in custom wizard.
    • Added marketplace data display after creation.
    • Added "add", "remove" and "edit" icons in inspector.
    • Added creator and company name input window when empty and creating a new project from [DevMode] menu (and Project Editor was not opened).
    • Removed wrong tooltip "Short name provided by Microsoft" for company name fields.
    • Made company name mandatory when creating a package.
    • Added post-build and post-export warning and agreement prompts.
    • Added "Open recent" option in DevMode and Project Editor menus.
    • Fixed crash when loading an empty thumbnail.
    • Fixed crash when cleaning current flying aircraft's package.
    • Added clean package error prompt.
    • Fixed crash when loading an empty thumbnail.
    • Asset creation:
      • Improved asset creation flow:
        • Added "Default creator name" field in Project Editor.
        • "Add asset group" button in Package Inspector is now connected to asset wizards and has an icon.
        • Reduced asked informations required to create a package or an asset group.
        • Improved UI of asset wizards.
      • Fixed wrong generated paths when creating a VisualEffectLib with the wizard.
      • Visual Effects Editor now opens after creating a VisualEffectLib using the wizard.
  • Marketplace Data Editor:
    • Fixed package price input when user entered a price with the $ sign.
    • Improved clarity of support contact fields.
  • Airport Wizard:
    • Made "generate new icao" button always display in "Create anywhere" mode.
  • Scenery Editor:
    • Fixed crash when deleting currently loaded asset group's parent package.
  • Visual Effects Editor:
    • Added a new ColorSpaceConversion node.
    • Added a new Split node.
    • Added a new GetGroundAttribute node.
    • Added a new AtlasPlayer node.
    • Added a new Divide node.
    • Added a new Subtract node.
    • Fixed focus issue when selecting nodes.
    • Fixed crash when opening Items Tree without any node selected.
    • Fixed B zier Curve sampling.
    • Particle color is now available through the GetParticleAttribute node.
    • Fixed right-click not selecting the hovered effect in effects list.
    • Fixed "New effect" popup closed by the Project Editor while creating a new effect.
    • Improved stability.
  • SDK updates window:
    • Fixed "Download" button not displayed in "SDK updates" window.

SDK Changes
  • WASM:
    • Added a new Fast WASM Compilation option to reduce iteration times.
    • Improved debugging support.
  • Samples:
    • A new SimpleFX sample has been added.
    • The DA62 sample has been updated.
  • NEW! Material Editor documentation has been added:
    • Information on The Material Editor and the Menus
    • Information on The Material Inspector and Inspector Menus
  • NEW! The initial documentation for using the <Behaviors> element (previously <ModelBehaviors>) has been documented and can be found in the following sections:
    • Model Behaviors
    • General Template Definitions
    • Input Event Definitions
    • Program Template Definitions
    • Important Templates
    • Update Frequency Preset Definitions
    Please note that this is a work in progress and pages may be subject to change in future updates.
  • NEW! Additional documentation has been created for the following SDK Sample Projects:
    • SampleMaterials
    • BearsSampleProject
    • LivingWorld
    • AirportVehiclesSample
    • PackageInstaller
    • SimpleFX
  • NEW! Living Things (humans, animals, flying animals) SimObject documentation has been added:
    • Living Things - Main page explaining the concepts of the sim.cfg and associated files
    • Living Things Config Definition - Page explaining the sim.cfg file for living things
    • Living Things Config Examples - Examples of the sim.cfg setup for living things
  • NEW! Boat SimObject documentation has been added:
    • Boats - Main page explaining the concepts of the sim.cfg and associated files
    • Boats Config Definition - Page explaining the sim.cfg file for boats
    • Boats Config Examples - Examples of the sim.cfg setup for boats
  • NEW! Pages have been added to the Content Configuration section for Textures:
    • Textures - Main page explaining basic texture file and folder configuration
    • Texture Config Definition - Page explaining the contents of the texture.cfg file
  • NEW! Updates to the Models content configuration section:
    • New page for Model Animation Definitions in the XML
    • Updated examples on the Model Examples page
  • NEW! The Visual Effects Editor section has documentation for the following new effects nodes:
    • GetGroundAttribute
    • GetInstanceAttribute
    • GetParticleAttribute
    • Subtract
    • Divide
    • AtlasPlayer
    • Split
    The following sections have also been updated with information on new parameters:
    • The Init and Update documentation shows the new Particle Scale and Texture Index parameters.
    • The Emitter documentation shows the new RateType parameter.
    • The Output documentation shows the new UVMode and AtlasSize parameters.
  • NEW! The main Visual Effects content configuration page now explains how to use effects on SimObjects using model behaviors. Additional documentation has also been added for the XML required to use the new nodes - as well as the new parameters - listed above.
  • NEW! Documentation added for the new Tools menu item, The Statistics Profiler (used to analyse the performance and render impact of scenery elements).
  • NEW! Page added to the Aircraft simobject Content Configuration section to provide additional information to aid with the creation of configuration files: Additional Config Information. This page will be updated in the future as more systems are given improved documentation.
  • NEW! Page added to explain the Coherent GT Debugger.
  • NEW! Page added with Xbox Samples to help illustrate model and LOD optimisation.
  • Additional information has been added to the The 3DS Max Plugin page related to the different 3DS Max Renderer options.
  • All documentation relating to The Project Editor has been updated to use the improved workflow using the package Wizards new Project Editor features.
  • Additional documentation added for the updated Debug LODs window, available from the DevMode Options menu.
  • Additional documentation added to The Scenery Editor:
    • Section on added
    • Information on the Gizmo updated to include keyboard shortcuts
  • Numerous changes to the Systems Config Definition page:
    • The [LIGHTS] section has updated light Type data
    • The [ELECTRICAL] section has been completely updated, with more information on circuit.N, battery.N, alternator.N, externalpower.N and bus.N parameters.
  • Changes and additions to the Flight Model Config Definition page:
    • Fixed incorrect [CONTACT_POINTS] information
    • New parameters documented: aileron_up_drag_coef, aileron_down_drag_coef, elevator_lift_coef, rudder_lift_coef.
    • New [FLIGHT_TUNING] parameters documented: aileron_up_drag_scalar, aileron_down_drag_scalar, elevator_effectiveness, rudder_effectiveness.
  • The Flight Definitions file has updated information for [Switches.N].
  • The Aircraft Simulation Variables section has updated information for the Aircraft Electrics systems.
  • The Flight Model Physics page has the following new sections:
    • Ground Friction
    • Ram Drag
    • Turbine Engine Supersonic Inlet
  • The Engine Config Definition page has new parameters added to the [TURBINEENGINEDATA] section:
    supersonic_ram_drag, supersonic_inlet, supersonic_inlet_efficiency_correction_table, supersonic_inlet_design_mach, supersonic_inlet_hypersonic.
  • Reverse Polish Notation documentation has been improved and now contains the following sections:
    • Variable Types - All available variable types have been documented - including some new ones - and additional sections have been added to expand on some of these variables:
      • Function Library
      • Mouse Variables
      • Resource Variables
    • Expression Operators - All available expression operators have been documented

SDK release 0.13.0SDK release 0.13.0

  • Coherent GT s debugger is now included in the SDK.
  • Speed restrictions and RF center fix information is now available on airport facility procedure data via the JS facility listener.
  • JS facility listener LOAD_* calls now return bool to indicate whether or not an ICAO can be loaded.
  • Preventing the game from crashing if too many virtual netbing maps were created.
  • Fixed the installation of 3DS Max tools.
  • Fixed the font displayed in the release notes window.
Developer Mode Changes
  • Scenery Editor:
    • Added more precise gizmo control with shift key.
    • Fixed windsocks with wrong orientation.
    • Fixed infinite loading for light presets with no mesh.
    • Fixed issues with water polygons.
    • Fixed a crash when editing runway terraforming profile.
    • Fixed '`' char being filtered in taxiway sign content text entry.
    • Fixed the "add custom asset group" window which wouldn't close when creating a new non-templated asset group.
  • Project Editor:
    • Added VisualEffectLib wizard.
    • Fixed "Content-type" text always displayed in "Add package window."
    • Changed package inspector "+" button into an "add asset group" button which is linked to the new custom asset wizard.
    • Disabled a false positive error message box that appeared randomly when building aircraft packages.
  • Visual effects editor:
    • Fixed crash when closing a project in the Project Editor.
    • Fixed crash when loading a visual effect lib while there's already one loaded.
    • Added "Create new effect" menu.
  • Release notes window:
    • Added active color to currently selected release notes version button in release notes window's left bar.
    • Added "download available" sublabel in latest SDK version if not installed.
    • Added download icon for latest sdk version.
  • NEW! Visual Effects documentation has been added.
    • Information on the DevMode VFX Editor can be found here: The Visual Effects Editor
    • Information on the VFX Editor Menus can be found here: Menus
    • Information on using the Node Graph window, along with explanations on every node that can be used to create visual effects can be found here: VFX Node Graph
    • Information on the VFX file format can be found here: Visual Effects
    • VFX file format examples can be found here: Visual Effects Examples
  • NEW! Major updates to The Project Editor section:
    • Updated main page with more information
    • New section for Project Asset Types (WIP)
    • New section for the various project editor menus: Project, Edit, View
    • Updated Marketplace Data page
    • Updated Export Window page
  • NEW! Content Configuration now has a section dedicated to Flights And Missions (note that the following pages are initial drafts and may still require additional information and polish):
    • Initial documentation for Flight Plan Definitions
    • Initial documentation for Flight Definitions
    • Initial documentation for Event Trigger Definitions
    • Initial documentation for Weather Definitions
    • Example page for all of the above-mentioned file types here: Flight, Weather and Event Examples
  • NEW! A page has been added documenting the new SimObject Stats window.
  • NEW! A page has been added for Submodel Merging in the 3D Models section.
  • The 3D Model General Principles page has a new section on UV Precision.
  • the Airport Tutorial has been updated to show the Airport Wizard for Creating Or Replacing An Airport
  • Page on Xbox specific information has been updated
  • Page on Aircraft Texture Mapping now has a section describing how to set up Ice
  • Page on the Package Tool XML Definitions has been updated with more information.
  • Page on the DA62 sample added to the Samples And Tutorials section
  • Link to the Additional Tools On GitHub added to the SDK Overview page
  • New engines.cfg setting documented: low_rpm_shake_scalar
  • New flight_model.cfg settings documented:
    air_spoiler_limit, modern_fm_only, empty_CG_deviation_limit, icing_scalar, elevator_lift_coef, rudder_lift_coef, fuselage_lateral_cx.
  • Added note to the texture section calling out a change in the .flags file behaviour.
  • Fixed SaveFlight when no title is specified.
  • Added new GEAR SKIDDING FACTOR SimVar.
  • Wwise Sample Project:
    • Fixed shared IR convolution medias not loaded in remote.
    • Added Built-in Emitter and Listener cone game-parameters.

SDK release 0.12.0SDK release 0.12.0

Developer Mode Changes
  • Project Editor:
    • Changed the dev mode font to handle Unicode characters.
    • Added SDK release notes window.
    • Replaced "Open SDK documentation" button with two "Open local documentation" and "Open online documentation"
    • Improved project creation flow.
    • Added asset wizards, which allows you to create asset groups from templates:
      • Airport wizard
      • Custom asset wizard
  • Scenery Editor:
    • Fixed "replace model" feature when multiple objects are selected.
    • Control Towers and their children can now be moved again.
    • If a Projected Mesh or a Control Tower is hidden, its children can no longer be unhidden.
    • Removed "Cast shadow" checkbox in Sim Objects properties as this feature is not implemented yet for that type of objects, and was thus producing unwanted behaviour.
    • The Delete key can now be used to delete individual points from objects based on polygons (painted lines, aprons, polygons, light rows, etc).
    • Resolved small issue with gizmo not following when moving a polygon point and then undoing.
    • Airports show their object test radius again when selected.
    • Can no longer input invalid characters in the "Content" input text of TaxiwaySign Properties. This prevents some weird behavior that would create new sections unexpectedly.
    • Removed inactive options (Cast shadow and no snow) from Properties window of WorldScript and FX objects.
    • Scenery objects with jetway link don't show "has beacon" option anymore.
    • Scenery objects that are children of a projected mesh don't show unnecessary options anymore
    • Fixed windsock edition.
    • Added gizmo edition for number markings.
    • Fixed taxiway lines not displayed.
    • Fixed corruption of display name.
    • Improved display name during object duplication.
  • The Scenery Editor is now fully documented along with all the different object types.
  • Updated section on 3D Models:
    • New section detailing Windshield Materials has been added for Aircraft models
    • New section detailing Cockpits In VR has been added for Aircraft models
    • New section on Landscape Elements (guidelines for creating scenery and airport models)
    • The section on LODs has had a major update
    • A new page explaining Collision Handling for models has been added.
  • Added section on Legacy Visual Effects to the aircraft.cfg page.
  • New Tutorial for Creating A Livery Package has been added.
  • New section containing Xbox specific information has been added.
  • Minor updates to The Project Editor pages.
  • A new LiveryAircraft sample has been added.
  • A new PackageInstaller sample has been added.

SDK release 0.11.0SDK release 0.11.0

SDK Changes
  • :
    • Fixed StringFormat conversion to NanoVG alignment in GDI+ layer.
    • Reworked MouseAircraft left gauge to provide clearer information.
  • SimConnect:
    • Fixed flight load/save (SimConnect_FlightLoad / SimConnect_FlightSave).

Developer Mode Changes
  • Project Editor:
    • Fixed crashes when opening a project containing Projected Meshes.
  • Aircraft Editor:
    • Fix gizmo usage (in table and with ref position).
  • Scenery Editor:
    • Fixed crashes when hiding all Taxiway Points of an Airport.
    • Fixed incorrect UTF-8 handling in the BGL compiler.
    • Fixed Scene list update when an object is added while none is already selected.
  • Other fixes:
    • DownRepeat and MoveRepeat mouse flags are now working in XML cockpit interactions.
    • Marketplace Data Editor:
      • Business Data: Packages price must now be equal to $4.99 or higher, except for new free packages that cost $0.00.

SDK release 0.10.0SDK release 0.10.0

SDK Changes
  • Samples:
    • Updated SimpleBiomes sample and documentation.
  • :
    • Security vulnerabilities in the WASI layer have been reported and fixed

Developer Mode Changes:
  • Scenery Editor:
    • New airport light system.
    • Added a button in the airport properties to generate taxiway signs.
    • Improved heightmap edition.
    • Improved performance of Scenery Editor, especially while using Alphabetical sorting.
    • Fixed Moving/rotating/scaling of Scenery groups and Airports groups (undo now works).
    • Don t lock runway profile extremity.
    • Fixed taxiway sign size (wasn t correctly serialized in BGL).
    • Fixed freeze during saving.
    • Fixed projected mesh so they can be moved/rotated and scaled again.
    • Fixed Scenery groups so you can undo after moving/rotating/scaling them.
    • Fixed Split Path in the right-click menu of TaxiwayPoint (viewport and list were not updated properly).
    • Fixed children of Jetways can now be moved again.
    • Fixed renaming Landmark Location now keeps the Landmark City/Fauna/POI prefix. This avoids some BGL issues.
    • New Hierarchy System: Users can now create their own hierarchy for each airport thanks to several new features:
      • Airport Groups: Group several airports components together into one group that can be moved/rotated/scaled/duplicated/etc. Groups can contain other groups. (NB: works only for airport components, not for other objects. Scenery object can already be grouped together using Scenery groups).
      • Reorder items: Airport components can be reordered inside their hierarchy.
      • Rename: All objects (not just airport components) can be given a display name and thus be renamed in the Scene list.
      • Added a Create Hierarchy Button next to Save As Custom while sorting by Type to create a default hierarchy like the old one whith one group for each Type of object.
      • In order to use the new hierarchy system, all items should be named to avoid any misbehavior.
      See Scenery Editor documentation for more information on how to use these new features.
  • Other fixes:
    • Mouse hover events are no longer sent to the sim UI while using DevMode windows.
    • Fixed a bug which caused the starter torque to increase exponentially when the piston s power_scalar was >1 without combustion. This may affect the speed at which planes with a power_scalar above or below 1 gain torque with the starter, and consequently the time it takes to get a combustion.
    • Fixed approach light saving (an approach light system is no more needed to have REIL, touchdown or end lights).

SDK release 0.9.0SDK release 0.9.0

SDK changes
  • Audio:
    • Wwise sample project migration to 2019.2.5 (retro-compatibility for 2019.2.0 is ensured).
    • Fix "BreakOnStop" attribute definition in Sound Definitions.
  • 3DS Max:
    • Added logger inside Multi-Exporter utility.
  • SimConnect:
    • AIAircraft and AIObject functionality have been restored. The documentation and the "SimConnectSamples" file have been updated accordingly.
    • Key events: Added Status Of Input Events regarding the mapping between Key events and Virtual keys. This is relevant for reported issues with the numeric pad and modifier keys ("shift", "Ctrl" and "Alt").
  • WASM:
    • BREAKING CHANGE: The GAUGE_TOKEN enum used by the Panels API has been modified to ensure future-proof expansion. Add-ons that use this enum must be recompiled.
    • The "gauges.h" file has been completed with the new Key Events.
    • A potential security vulnerability in the WASI layer has been discovered and fixed.
  • Samples:
    • All aircraft samples have been merged into a unique folder named "Aircraft".
    • New aircraft sample available: "MouseAircraft".
    • Update of Using Wwise and DA62 Sample.

Developer Mode Changes
  • Options:
    • Adding "Windhsield rain" options for debug purpose.
  • Project Editor:
    • "Clean All" does clear entirely the build package.
  • Scenery Editor:
    • Apply and edit heightmaps on rectangles.
    • Fix option flatten airport.
    • Fix and improve ILS edition.
  • Script Editor:
    • Fix possible unexpected shutdown when creating new objects.
  • Aircraft Editor:
    • In "[CAMERAS]" panel, adding possibility to expend left columns.
    • Fix "Sound.xml" not updated when rebuilding packages.

SDK release 0.8.0SDK release 0.8.0

SDK Changes
  • Documentation:
    • The WebAssembly documentation has been revamped to include information about standalone modules.

  • Added GDI+ version of the "GaugeAircraft" sample.
  • Added "StandaloneModule" sample.

Developer Mode Changes
  • Project Editor:
    • "Export All" button created to properly export the packages for "Community" and "Marketplace". The associated documentation is available in the Export Window section.
      NOTE: Without using this button, the generated packages may not work as expected.
    • The "ESC" key now closes the "Add Package" window.
    • Added "Show in explorer" button to open the project directory.
    • Fixed "Build" process which was non-deterministic in some cases.
    • Fixed crash after a "Clean All" on an aircraft project.
    • Fixed the possibility to have spaces in files names (detected with the "Export All" process which is now mandatory).
  • Aircraft Editor:
    • Fixed "[FLAPS]" section in case of creating new flaps starting from none.
    • Added display of GUID for "[CAMERAS]" debug.
  • Scenery Editor:
    • Added runway Edition.
  • Aircraft:
    • Added new way to force using legacy tables through "prop_uselegacytables".
  • General:
    • Added an auto-hide functionality.
    • Added "Debug LOD" option.
    • Fixed the "ALT + F4" on an "[ImGui]" window which does not enable to re-open it.

SDK release 0.7.1SDK release 0.7.1

SDK changes
  • Fixed potential crash on Steam version when building packages with fspackagetool.exe.
  • WASM:
    • Mouse events are now forwarded to modules through a new mouse callback.

Developer mode changes
  • General:
    • Fixed general settings saves.

SDK release 0.7.0SDK release 0.7.0

SDK changes
  • :
    • Fixed handling of wrong IDs in get_name_of_named_variable and panel_resource_string_get.
    • Fixed MSFS WASM Module project template settings.
    • Linker error messages now properly reported in the Visual Studio Output window.
  • Samples:
    • Added Windsock sample.
    • Added Bears sample.

Developer mode changes
  • Project Editor:
    • Removed Outpur Dir settings for new project.
    • Fixed Build Package adding not necessary information in layout.json.
    • Fixed mixing images for Catalog and Content Info thumbnail.
  • Scenery Editor:
    • Display error when new airport is outside the qmid of the previous airport.
    • Display parking heading.
    • Make attach point name editable.
    • Jetways spawn a SimObject by default.
    • Fix projected meshes don't overlap runway markings.
    • Fix hidden sceneries & projected meshes poping.
    • Fix crash when adding Jetways.
  • Aircraft Editor:
    • Fix freeze when loading an airplane without a [FLAPS] section.
    • Fix Pitch and Heading Pan Rate edition in [CAMERA] section.
    • Fix renaming a duplicate light modifying also the original light.
  • Debug:
    • Added option to debug draw rectangles, polygons, exclusion rectangles and terraformers.
    • Debug draw for osm roads.

SDK release 0.6.1SDK release 0.6.1

SDK changes
  • Documentation updates:
    • Adding documentation on Projected Meshes in The Scenery Editor section.
  • Added support for 3DS Max 2021.
  • Samples:
    • SimpleAircraft and GaugeAircraft samples now have their parking brake on while on the runway.
  • :
    • Added partial GdiPlusMatrix implementation.
  • SimConnect:
    • Fixed SimConnect_RequestFacilitiesList.

Developer mode changes
  • Project Editor
    • Added Build All & Clean All buttons.
  • Scenery Editor
    • Fixed polygons and rectangles not correctly filtered by package.
    • Improved ground merging parameter edition.
    • Fixed crash when adding jetways
  • Aircraft Editor
    • List is now properly resized depending on the name in General panel

SDK release 0.6.0SDK release 0.6.0

SDK changes
  • Documentation updates:
    • Update of jetway documentation, including hood and wheels animations.
    • Update of interactive points part of aircraft configuration, mostly relative to configuring aircraft for jetway interaction.
    • Update on Simulation Variables (new vars, and descriptions for older description-less vars).
    • New page for Static SimObjects (a new category of SimObjects, most notable for jetways).
  • Samples:
    • Modified package names for the SimpleAircraft and GaugeAircraft sample samples.
    • Updated Jetways sample with 3DS Max 2017 model.
    • Updated Wwise sample: modified soundbank generation worflow, please check video tutorials.
    • Added AirportVehicles and TrafficVehicles samples.
  • :
    • The MSFS Platform Toolset for Visual Studio 2019 now uses the standard Application and StaticLibrary configuration type names instead of the previous WasmModule and WasmStaticLibrary ones. You will need to update the Configuration Type of your project accordingly.
    • Improved debugging (more reliable info in PDB/natvis files).
    • The GaugeDrawData structure now provides local mouse coordinates.

Developer mode changes
  • Scenery Editor:
    • Added landmark location object
    • Fixed projected mesh normal rotation
    • Replaced model feature for scenery objects
    • Fix rectangular apron rotation.
    • Fix roughness for projected meshes.
    • Draw order selection for projected meshes.
    • Use a warning instead of an error for gate without jetway.
  • Aircraft Editor:
    • Fix crash when editing Fuel Tanks
    • Fix severals bugs during Save & Resync: addition of wrong characters, addition of useless station load, addition of invalid misc parameters, addition of several lights, setup four engines
  • Project Editor:
    • Fix business data which was wrongly rounded in some cases

SDK release 0.5.1SDK release 0.5.1

SDK changes
  • Documentation updates:
    • SimConnect documentation updates for static libraries.
  • WASM:
    • Fixed building of Static Libraries in Microsoft Flight Simulator Platform Toolset.

Developer mode changes
  • SimConnect:
    • The static library is now also provided, to support the creation of SimConnect clients without the need of dynamic linking.

SDK release 0.5.0SDK release 0.5.0

SDK changes
  • Documentation updates:
    • Aprons, taxiway signs, painted line texture layouts.
    • The Lights in 3dsMax documentation has been added.
  • Sample:
    • A mesh with a light has been added to the SimpleScenery sample.
    New SimpleNavData sample for navigation data.
  • :
    • the parameter string from panel.cfg is now passed to the gauge callback through the sGaugeInstallData structure.

Developer mode changes
  • Fixed profile editor in Scenery Tools
  • Fixed saving from Aircraft Editor
  • Fixed lights undo/redo in Aircraft Editor
  • Added Clear and Copy All buttons in the console
  • Fixed crash with custom aerials and texture synthesis
  • Fixed script opening from asset selector
  • Aircraft Selector:
    • Fix HUD refresh when switching aircrafts

SDK release 0.4.1SDK release 0.4.1

SDK changes
  • Updated SimConnect documentation.
  • New SimpleNavData sample for navigation data.

SDK release 0.4.0SDK release 0.4.0

Note: This release contains breaking changes, please rebuild your projects!

  • The LivingWorld Configuration and Airport Services systems to use any package to override data (instead of only using MSFS default packages) is now working.
  • Audio:
    • New WwisePackage element in sound.xml to improve pc.pck management
    • ReverberationPreset now references effect ShareSet names for inside and outside view
  • Model Behaviors:
    • The "File" attribute to the "Include" tag now always indicates a path relative to the current path, instead of indicating a path relative to the root of the ModelBehaviorDefs folder. The "Path" attribute can still be used to indicate a path relative to the root of the ModelBehaviorDefs folder.
    • The default template files have been moved to the "Asobo" subfolder, which means currently existing "Include" tags towards those file need to be updated.
    • The RootComponent tags are now deprecated and should be renamed to Component. Their behavior remains unchanged.
    • All the default templates have been renamed to include the ASOBO prefix to prevent conflicts. Any file using those templates will need to be updated.

SDK release 0.3.1SDK release 0.3.1

SDK changes
  • New SimpleBiomes sample and documentation for biomes.

  • New LivingWorld configuration sample and documentation. (Work In Progress)

  • New Airport Services configuration documentation .
    (Work in Progress)

  • New Jetways sample and documentation.
    (Work in Progress)

  • New GroundVehicles documentation.

  • Simulation Variables documentation updated: formatting + description of some simvars.

  • Modeling practices documentation updated: section about mesh tangent calculations clarified.

  • Aircraft configuration documentation updated: added sections on InteractivePoints and Services.
    (Work in Progress)

  • Documentation updates:

    • [FlightSim Material documentation][flightsim_material] updated.

Developer mode changes
  • Project Editor:
    • Improved packages/assets browsing, stop folding/unfolding items with simple mouse-click.
  • New features:
    • Documentation updates
      • FlightSim Material documentation updated.
  • Windows:
    • New Tool "Ruler" that computes the distance to the camera target

SDK release 0.3.0SDK release 0.3.0

Note: This release contains breaking package changes, please rebuild your projects!

SDK changes
  • The gauge callback prototype has been changed.
  • The low-level vector graphics API can now be used without NanoVG.
  • The GaugeAircraft sample has been updated accordingly.
  • The first version of the Launcher Tool is now available.
  • New SimpleAerial sample and documentation for custom aerial image generation.
  • A separate installer for the Diamond DA62 sample can be downloaded from the DevMode help menu.

Developer mode changes
  • Grey out inactive airport options.
  • Project Editor:
    • Automatically dsiplay Console when a Package Build is triggered.
  • [Aircraft Editor]
    • Camera can now be used in the hangar.
    • Avoid weird camera moves during save&sync operation.
  • Aircraft Selector:
    • Fix possible engine shutdown when switching planes.
  • Scenery Editor:
    • Add option to display Taxi width.
    • Add possibility to use custom materials for painted lines.

SDK release 0.2.5SDK release 0.2.5

Note: This release contains breaking package changes, please rebuild your projects!

SDK changes
  • Updated the documentation for model configuration.
  • Added documentation for authoring textures.
  • Removed redundant /scenery/ entries in BGL and ModelLib folder hierarchy requirements. Only the root /scenery/ folder is now required.
  • The texture quality setting now reduces the texture mip levels loaded less aggressively.
  • The MSFS Platform Toolset for Visual Studio 2019 now provides:
    • Support for WASM Static Libraries (.a) on top of already available WASM Modules (.wasm)
    • Project templates ( MSFS WASM Module, MSFS WASM Static library and MSFS WASM Gauge Demo)
    • Item template ( MSFS WASM Gauge)
  • The Samples use an updated directory structure.

Developer mode changes
  • Switch gizmo's modes (translate/rotate/scale) by using middle-mouse clicks on it.
  • Enable legacy aircraft loading/saving in Aircraft Editor (from aircraft.cfg & sim.air files).
  • General stability & performance improvements.

SDK release 0.2.4SDK release 0.2.4

SDK changes
  • Bug fix on 3DS Max plugins
  • The 3DS Max Python tools now requires at least 3DS Max 2019 (SP3).

SDK release 0.2.3SDK release 0.2.3

SDK changes
  • New features:
    • Added fspackagetool.exe to allow the building of packages from outside the game.
  • The MSFS Platform Toolset for Visual Studio 2019 is now based on LLVM 10.

SDK release 0.2.2SDK release 0.2.2

SDK changes
  • New features:
    • Documentation updates
      • Sounds documentation updated.
      • Wwise sample.
  • The MSFS Platform Toolset for Visual Studio 2019 has been updated to provide better Intellisense support.
  • The 3DS Max glTF exporter now requires at least 3DS Max 2016 (SP2).
  • The 3DS Max models used in the SimpleAircraft and GaugeAircraft samples are now provided in the Max 2016 format.

SDK release 0.2.1SDK release 0.2.1

SDK changes
  • New features:
    • Initial WebAssembly release for C gauges development.
    • GaugeAircraft sample to illustrate C gauges.
    • Documentation updates
      • Flight model tutorial.
  • Known issues:
    • The old PREVIOUSGAMENAME macros used to define gauges (MAKE_STATIC, MAKE_NEEDLE, MAKE_SLIDER...) are not currently supported. Gauges must currently be implemented through the gauge callback mechanism.
    • Each gauge defined in panel.cfg currently uses its own bitmap for drawing: when a gauge receives a PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_DRAW or a PANEL_SERVICE_POST_DRAW message, it cannot update other gauges through the provided drawing context. We are working on changing this so that the drawing context applies to the whole Vcockpit.
    • Gauges are currently loaded synchronously - async loading will be implemented at a later date.
    • The GDI+ compatibility layer built on top of NanoVG only covers a subset of the API.

Developer mode changes
  • Required minimum game version: (Alpha 2)
  • Global Developer Mode improvements:
    • Add persistency to Teleport Window settings
    • Add Modelbehavior / LocalVar debug window
    • Disable tools when no project is active
  • Scenery Editor:
    • Bezier curve for aprons
    • Boolean operations for aprons
    • Add flags "Hide on TIN" and "Cast Shadow"
    • Add statistics window
    • Better update light
    • Vasi position edition
    • Exclusion rectangles work on polygons & rectangles
    • Add 2 flags to support light.
    • Border texture mapping for taxipath
    • Option to merge & align taxipoints
    • Hide individual object
    • Better fold hierarchy
    • Better group edition
    • Priority system for terraforming rectangles
    • Possibility to place effect object
  • Script Editor:
    • General stability improvements and bugfixes
    • Add direct "Build" button from the tool
    • Gizmo improvements, ease use of gizmos with several tools opened at the same time + allow rotation
    • Improve script objects pre-deletion checks

SDK release 0.2.0SDK release 0.2.0

SDK changes
  • New features:
    • Documentation updates
      • Aircraft Editor
      • Scenery sample tutorial
    • The SimpleAircraft sample has been updated to work with the latest version of the game.

Developer mode changes
  • Required minimum game version: (Alpha 2)
  • Breaking changes:
    • glTF compatibility breaking change: you will have to re-build the packages using the "Build Packages" button in the package "Inspector" window (no need to reexport the glTF files)
  • New features:
    • Aircraft Editor
  • Improvements:
    • Revamped Project Editor
    • Scenery Editor:
      • Jetway edition
      • Fixed parking rotation
      • Fixed gizmo snapping
      • Fixed gizmo translation text
      • Fixed undo/redo
      • Fixed incorrect helipad markings
      • Fixed freeze
      • Fixed apron triangulation
      • Fixed parking copy properties

SDK release 0.1.10SDK release 0.1.10

SDK changes
  • New features:
    • The 3DS Max model used in the SimpleAircraft sample is now provided in the Max 2015 format.
  • Known issues:
    • Gauge material (prefixed by "$" in the .gltf file) needs to have its >emissive color set to white.

SDK release 0.1.9SDK release 0.1.9

SDK changes
  • New features
    • Initial documentation
    • 3DS Max glTF exporter
    • Samples: airplane, scenery, airport
    • Initial SimConnect API for native, out-of-process use